Is A Sandbox Mode Coming To Warzone?

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Season Two of Warzone is in full swing and as players continue to explore the new points of interest across Verdansk, a wave of leaked audio lines from the battle royale have been leaked.

The new season has seen a wealth of brand-new content arrive into the game, with new Operators to unlock, new weapons to use, and more.

As revealed on the Season Two roadmap, new game modes for Warzone are expected to release later on in the season, but this latest leak reveals much more than the already confirmed Exfiltration mode.

Here’s everything we know.

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Warzone Sandbox Mode

Warzone Sandbox Mode Season 2
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The audio, leaked by @ZestyCODLeaks, implies that some form of casual sandbox mode could be arriving in the battle royale in the not-too-distant future.

Based on the leaked audio, the game mode could feature races, obstacle courses, and a minigame where the objective is to capture specific points on the map.

The concept of casual modes in BR titles are nothing new. Fortnite’s creative mode has proved extremely popular amongst its players, with several new modes being created that don’t revolve around the battle royale mode.

There has already been a more casual mode appear in Warzone. Back in the Summer of 2020, the Games of Summer event featured a variety of events including parkour challenges, shooting range trials, and more. Could this leaked information lead to the launch of a similar event this Summer?

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Warzone Sandbox Mode Release Date

Considering that this is a leak, the information should be taken with a pinch of salt, but with the heavily rumoured launch of the nuclear missiles taking place imminently, the sandbox mode and the game modes could appear once the event has taken place.

We already know that Exfiltration is making an appearance during Season Two, so it wouldn’t be at all surprising to see the alleged Sandbox mode and Plague mode release at some point after the nuclear missiles have been detonated.

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