Warzone High Resolution Texture Comparison – Is It Worth Getting?

While several players are dropping into Verdansk to get stuck into Season Two of Warzone, Call of Duty publisher Activision has released a third texture pack for the battle royale and the 2019 reboot of Modern Warfare across PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

Season Two has bought in a wealth of changes to Warzone, including new points of interest to Verdansk, new Operators to unlock, and new additions to the weapon arsenal.

The latest texture pack aims to provide even more detail on the Warzone weapon arsenal and all of the playable Operators.

After a bit of time playing Warzone with the new pack downloaded, is it actually worth downloading?

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To compare Warzone with the new texture pack applied, we’ve taken two extremely similar screenshots of legendary Modern Warfare character Captain Price to see the difference.

Before Download

Captain Price Operator Warzone
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After Download

Captain Price Operator 4K
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As you can see, there are distinct differences in the skin tones of Price, alongside various changes to the colour of his combat gear.

When dropping into a game, some of the brighter colours do stand out more, and for PlayStation 5 users, Warzone will now run in 4K but it’s unclear as to whether it’s been upscaled or the game is running in native 4K.

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Is It Worth Downloading?

For those that love the finer details of Warzone, then downloading the texture pack is a must.

On the other hand, the texture pack is another sizable update to a game that is over 200GB for some PlayStation users, and if it's only next-gen consoles and the PS4 Pro that will really maximise the texture pack, it’s not worth filling up the hard drive with.

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