Minecraft Player Makes Pets Unkillable

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Given that the attention of Minecraft players is often diverted towards their creations, whether these be a futuristic cricket stadium or a faithful recreation of either Elden Ring’s the Lands Between or GTA Online’s Diamond Casino, it’s no surprise that some of their pets keep having unfortunate accidents.

Whether it’s a dog being blown up by a creeper, a cat falling in some lava or a pig being picked on by other players, these pets could probably do with some life insurance.

However, a new mod has made an effort to sort the pet-killing problem out without the need for paperwork, simply by making them invulnerable to anything short of an act of God.

You No Longer Have To Fear For Your Square Furry Friends

The mod in question is called ‘Unkillable Pets’ by modder LinearScripter, whose previous work brought the luscious flavours of Mountain Dew Baja Blast to the game.

Now, however, they’ve used their modding powers to eliminate the threat to pets, ensuring that if they come to any harm, they’re immediately teleported back to their owners for safety purposes.

Sadly, this won’t keep them safe from your own errant diamond sword swings, but if you’re also concerned about that happening, another might be a necessary addition to your game too.

This mod, called ‘Friendly Fire’ is the work of modder DarkhaxDev, who’s made it possible to avoid the negative repercussions of those pesky moments when your pets jump in the way of enemies during combat.

The mod also makes baby animals immune to all attacks, getting rid of any worries you might have about the cutest of your collection of critters.

Now you’re satisfied that they’ll be safe, you might also be interested in expanding the number of potential pets you have to choose from, which is something that another mod can help with.

This mod by modder safrodev is called ‘Hover Pets’ and adds a bunch of new floating pets to the game, all of which will follow you around and provide unique perks.

For example, picking up a cow will clear any negative status effects from you every minute, while bringing a chicken into your party will give you a chance to pluck a random seed from the ground, and making a witch your buddy you’ll ensure that villagers, iron golems, and players are regularly showered in healing potions.

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