Will Halo Infinite Have Split-Screen Multiplayer or Campaign Co-Op At Launch

Halo Infinite is now just over a month away from launch, and it's fair to say that the developer has managed to gain a ton of momentum since the decision was made to delay the game last year.

You need only look at some of the Halo Infinite Graphical Improvements to see how far the game has come, but there's also more meat on the bones of the campaign making fans of the lore happy, while the anti-cheat on PC has ensured smoother multiplayer too. With all this information available fans want to know more, like if Halo Infinite has Split-Screen.

The popular feature is often asked about in a number of shooters because fans love to use this with their friends online or offline, so they will be happy to know that Halo Infinite will have split-screen, but maybe not for the mode fans were hoping to see it on.

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Will Halo Infinite Have Split-Screen?

343 Industries confirmed in August that Halo Infinite would have split-screen for multiplayer when it comes out at launch, so anyone who just wants to fool around with their friends is going to have a great time.

However, anyone hoping to have split-screen co-op for the Halo Infinite campaign is going to be disappointed, as 343 Industries has stated that this feature won’t be available, at least at launch, though it could well arrive with the co-op campaign in Season 2.

Having the split-screen feature in Halo Infinite multiplayer is nice, but the change to having no Halo Infinite campaign split screen is going to be a tough pill to swallow at first.

All we can do is hope that Halo Infinite adds the split-screen feature to the game’s campaign, although there'll be a whole lot of work to do in order to make that happen.

Players will be able to get Halo Infinite on Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC on December 8.

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