Halo Infinite Will Focus on Anti-Cheat in PC Overview

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Halo Infinite's PC Overview has just premiered, with all manner of PC-exclusive information revealed. From controls to collaborations, a whole load of new stuff was made available for PC fans.

It's the first time Halo has launched on PC and console at the same time, so there's a whole lot of stuff to take note of. Here's the lowdown.


Halo Infinite PC Overview - What Was Announced?

You can watch the PC overview below.


Anti-cheat was mentioned as a must-have for Halo Infinite, which will be reassuring for players who have fallen victim to hackers in other shooters recently. In our chat with cheat manufacturers, they didn't seem phased by anti-cheat systems, but it's a great step to have it on the radar.


We'll keep you updated on all the anti-cheat updates we get from 343 Industries and the Halo Infinite team.

AMD x Halo Crossover

The fanciest announcement in the PC overview was the AMD x Halo crossover. PC Halo fans will be able to get a real slick AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT, the best AMD has to offer, with a sweet Master Chief-style design. A future announcement will share how fans can win them - they won't be purchasable.

There are also going to be collaborations with Razer, with special keyboards and mice delivering sweet lighting effects and animations bespoke for Halo Infinite.


PC Quality Of Life

When making a game for PC, there are all kinds of things to consider that you wouldn't have to worry about on console. From ultra-wide monitors to specific frame rate customisation, PC gamers are known for their penchant for tweaking, and Halo Infinite has made sure to implement these features.

A dedicated PC team is something that'll be music to the ears of PC gaming fans who have been burned before with lacklustre ports. It looks like this isn't going to be the case with Halo Infinite.

There are even going to be triple keybindings - three separate keys that can be bound to the exact same function. That'll be really handy for those pro players who love to move their hands between positions for different actions.


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