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Halo Infinite: Campaign Mode And How The Story So Far Can Impact The Next Game

Halo fans have had mixed thoughts about how Halo Infinite has been showcased thus far, with the Free-to-Play multiplayer mode getting a ton of love, which has led to fans wondering if it’s a Battle Royale, but many fans want to know why the Halo Infinite Campaign hasn’t been shown off.

The Halo series has always had pretty good multiplayer, hence the quick Championship Series announcement, the single-player stories are a major part of the franchise, giving fans memorable stories and characters, so you can see why people want to know why the Halo Infinite campaign hasn’t been shown in recent events.

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Halo Infinite: Campaign Mode And How The Story So Far Can Impact The Next Game

Still, fans that love the Halo story want to know how Halo Infinite will lead to the next game, so here's everything we've gathered thus far.

The Leadup to Infinite

Before we dive into Halo Infinite's story mode, let us rewind a few years ago to the previous Halo title and also remember that Halo Infinite's story mode is set years after the episodes of Halo 5. At the conclusion of the Halo 5 legendary ending, we are given a teaser of what seems to be a new Halo ring installation that will play some effect into the next title. 

Another note from Halo 5 is that we are almost set up for a Cortana villain this time around after her actions towards the back half of Halo 5. Another story mode element that fans have also speculated that could be a factor in Infinite, albeit a small one is the Halo Wars 2 ending. There have been some links to the two-story modes potentially crossing over in some capacity but there is a slim chance. 

So, Halo ring, evil Cortana and a Master Chief who has just woken up. Essentially all we know going into Halo Infinite, but we can already predict what is going to happen. 

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All We Know So Far

We have been given very limited information about Infinite's story mode to date or rather the whole game. 343 has been very secretive about the newest Halo game and the upcoming Project Scarlett, but from the cinematic trailers showcased to us, we have somewhat of an idea on how the story mode will play out. 

Thankfully to many Halo fans the Master Chief will be the main protagonist heading into Infinite, we know the story is set many years after the events of Halo 5 and the Chief appears to wake up in some sort of distorted space with everything destroyed around him. Master Chief is also woken up and the first thing he witnesses outside is a destroyed Halo ring and the phrase "we lost". Other than that we know nothing so far, and it may be a while until we fully get another look at Infinite but nevertheless the campaign mode so far is set to be one of the best so far with a unique storyline. 

Halo Infinite will be coming out on December 8 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.

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