Who Is the Weapon? Halo Infinite’s New AI Explained

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The Weapon, a new AI companion for Halo Infinite, talks to Master Chief.
Credit: 343 Industries
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If you're interested in Halo Infinite's Campaign (out now for those of you unaware), there's a new AI character known as The Weapon.

If you haven't already, check out the Halo Infinite Campaign Overview trailer below. The Weapon first shows up around the 1:22 mark.


Master Chief's first mission in the campaign is to retrieve The Weapon, an AI created in order to lock down Cortana, Master Chief's last AI companion. The Weapon doesn't seem to know exactly what Cortana did to deserve this - we're sure this will all get explored a whole lot through the Halo Infinite campaign.

We know her AI codename is 'CTN 0453-0', and that her duty was to imitate Cortana and lock her down for retrieval, so Master Chief can take her to the UNSC Infinity for deletion.

Well, it seems that plan failed. The Weapon's deletion was supposed to occur when she successfully carried out her duty, but it failed to do so. Now, the mission she and Master Chief are going on has changed - she must find out why she was not deleted and the mysteries behind Cortana's recent story.

Personality-wise, The Weapon comes across as a well-meaning, if slightly naive, character. She seems genuinely concerned about not knowing why Cortana was set for deletion, and readily hopes incoming brutes are friendly (when Chief knows they're not).


She's got a quip or two in her too - snarkily bantering with Master Chief to counteract his one-liners and offering solid advice on the battlefield. We have lots of expectations for The Weapon as a character. Hopefully, the Halo Infinite story can answer our questions (no spoilers here though). You can play it right now on Game Pass, and check out the best guns for multiplayer too.