Halo Infinite Graphical Improvements Compared

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Halo Infinite brute known as Craig regards the player in a new trailer, complete with newly bushy eyebrows.
Credit: 343 Industries

In the latest Halo Infinite Campaign Overview, we saw all-new context for Master Chief's newest adventure. We learned a bit more about the new AI, The Weapon, the potential for better

Anyway, players have noticed stark differences in the graphical looks of the two trailers, both with the weapons and the character design.

Craig the Brute is infamous to the point of being iconic as a meme showing just how far Halo Infinite was from completion back in the older trailer. Well, he's back in the new one and looks a lot better. Here are the two images for comparison.

Halo Infinite brute known as Craig points a gun at the player in an old trailer for the game.
Credit: 343 Industries

That's the old Craig. He's looking overly smooth, with an expressionless face that screams "help me, I do not know where I am". We won't zoom in further - you all know the face from closer up. Craig's armour is also a little weird-looking. Like it hasn't faced any kind of punishment in any previous battles. He's a giant baby with no action or hardship only to be killed by Master Chief in a couple of shots. Now, look at the new Craig below. We've got a screenshot right up close and personal too.

Craig the Brute in his new iteration, with big bushy eyebrows, scratched up armour, and texture on his face.
Credit: 343 Industries

Check out those eyebrows. Gorgeous. You don't get eyebrows like that by resting on your laurels - Craig has a routine and a specific way he likes to do things. Just look at how clear his skin is now too!

In all seriousness though, he looks massively better than last year's version, showing a microcosm of just how much work and care has gone into Halo Infinite through the game's delay. The mud all over his suit seems like a small addition, but goes a long way to depicting a rugged, experienced warrior who Master Chief should be wary of.

The Halo Infinite guns look a whole lot better too, and Halo fans on Reddit have noticed. Check out this side-by-side put together by Reddit user GuardianXCII.


The assault rifle looks so much more rugged, with the old version looking like it was painted with matte black. The textures and lighting have been absolutely overhauled by the looks of things, and it makes a world of difference.

Has this restored your excitement in Halo Infinite? It has for us. While we wait for the game's release, why not have a look at the Halo Infinite progression system, or learn a bit more about the game's vehicles.