Microsoft Announces Monthly Halo Infinite Game Pass Ultimate Rewards

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Master Chief poses in front of a battlefield in Halo Infinite
Credit: Microsoft/343 Studios

Halo Infinite is going to make a really big impression when it launches later this year, as the latest instalment of the Xbox shooter will have a Free-to-Play multiplayer mode and is coming to Xbox Game Pass, now with exclusive Halo Infinite Game Pass Ultimate Rewards.

That’s right, a blog post on the official Xbox website announced various Game Pass-related awards, including the Game Pass Ultimate-exclusive rewards for Halo Infinite, almost making this a must-have for Halo players, especially since the rewards are for the game’s online multiplayer.

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Microsoft Announces Monthly Halo Infinite Game Pass Ultimate Rewards

While Microsoft didn’t state what the Halo Infinite Game Pass Ultimate Rewards would be, the post does state that rewards will be coming monthly, so it looks like this won’t be a one-shot deal.

Being able to receive monthly Halo Infinite rewards is a pretty great incentive to get the highest tier of Game Pass, though it’s worth noting that the service is already home to a ton of games, a lot of which are Xbox-exclusive, so it’s already a great overall deal for anyone who hasn’t picked up the service yet.

For those unfamiliar, Game Pass Ultimate is the highest tier of Xbox Game Pass, allowing players to access this huge library of games on both their modern Xbox systems and their PC, so anyone privileged to have both forms of gaming have a ton of titles to play.

If anything, the Halo Infinite Game Pass Ultimate Rewards are just a nice bonus for those that want the game, which is set to release on Game Pass the day it launches.


Halo Infinite is coming to the Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC on December 8.

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