Is Halo Infinite Getting a Christmas Event?

Halo Infinite is set to be one of the biggest entries in the Halo franchise, not only being the first Halo game made with Xbox Series X in mind but also having a Free-to-Play multiplayer mode when it launches this December, though the release date has us wondering if we’ll see a Halo Infinite Christmas Event.

Multiplayer games almost always have a seasonal event to inspire more playtime, with everything from Apex Legends and Battlefield planning events for every major holiday and season, including the summer, Halloween, and Christmas, which is only a month away.

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Is Halo Infinite Getting a Christmas Event?

Currently, 343 Industries haven’t announced a Christmas Event for Halo Infinite, though you'd think they would have one planned since the game comes out just a few weeks before Christmas.

Despite the big sci-fi setting, Halo is no stranger to doing Christmas Events as Halo: The Master Chief Collection had one last year where players would gain Double XP and earn an Ugly Sweater nameplate for completing games on snowy areas, so it wouldn’t be too far fetched to imagine a similar gimmick for Halo Infinite.

Right now, nothing has been set in stone for a Halo Infinite Christmas Event, but we wouldn’t be surprised if one was announced a week or so before Christmas to get players prepared.

It’s not yet clear if we will get a small celebration based on snowy areas like Halo: The Master Chief Collection or something bigger, but we’ll see what happens when Halo Infinite comes out.

Halo Infinite comes out a few weeks before Christmas on December 8.

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