Don't Forget to Download the Halo Waypoint App

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Halo Infinite might have a worthwhile single-player experience, thanks to the recently revealed Campaign Overview, but the game’s primary focus is multiplayer where fans try their best to level up and have the best stats, which is why they should download the Halo Waypoint app.

343 Industries realizes how much people care about their multiplayer progress, which is why the Halo Waypoint app might be an essential download for Halo Infinite players since it promises to track the progress multiplayer participants will be making and we’re assuming that is something a lot of people are going to appreciate.


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Why You Should Download the Halo Waypoint App

Right now, the Halo Waypoint app is mostly being used for news about Halo Infinite, but it also recently got an update, indicating that the devs at 343 Industries are preparing the app for when the game comes out.

Currently, the Halo Waypoint app tracks the progress players make in Halo: The Master Chief Collection and Halo 5: Guardians, but expect it to track your progress in Halo Infinite when the game comes out, including your win/loss record, your kill/death ratio, and your highest rank, among other things.


The Halo Waypoint app is available on iOS and Android as a free download, so players won’t have to worry about downloading something that just recaps your scores and progress.

Halo Infinite is coming to the Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC on December 8, after initially being talked about as an Xbox Series X launch title.

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