Apex Legends Christmas Event 2021: Holo-Day Bash Release Date, Winter Express LTM, and What to Expect This Year

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When is the Apex Legends Christmas 2021 event? If last year is anything to go by, Respawn will probably start celebrating the holidays around Black Friday (26 November), though the actual event itself likely won't start until sometime in early December.

In 2020, Respawn kicked off celebrations with a month-long in-game sale on rare skins, and it's likely we'll see that happen again this year. Of course, the main focus of the event is normally centred on the Holo-Day Bash event, but after two years, will Respawn look to make any big changes? Keep reading for everything you need to know about Apex Legends holiday plans for 2021.

Latest News

6 December 2021 -

It seems like we might not get any new Holo-Day Bash content from Apex Legends this year. Instead, Respawn appear to have combined their new Raiders Collection Event with certain Holo-day Bash content. For instance, the Winter Express LTM returns. But it seems that is pretty much it. There's also no word on new skins, with the focus instead on this new Season 11 Collection Event (which has a sort of Pirate theme). The Raiders Collection Event update will go live on December 7 at 10 AM PST / 1 PM ET / 6 PM BST, but if you were hoping for any new Holo-Day Bash content, think again.

2 December 2021 -

We're now in December but no closer to finding out about the Apex Legends Christmas event. But we could have something coming TODAY.

As revealed by Dataminer @kralrindo, there appears to be a new hidden video added to Apex Legends Season 11 playlist on YouTube.

"it's either collection event trailer or stories from the outlands" @kralrindo suggested. Hopefully, we'll know more in a few hours.

26 November 2021 -

There's still some time to go before we can expect the new Apex Legends Holo-Day Bash event to begin, however, if you want to remind yourself of some of the amazing skins that will be coming back, have no fear. We've got a page for that.

Follow the link for a recap of ALL Apex Legends Christmas Skins.

22 November 2021 -

It's Black Friday Week, so standby for potentially our first glimpse of Respawn kicking off their Christmas celebrations. As noted before, they started a month-long in-game sale on 26 November, so we should find out more in a couple of days.

Apex Legends Christmas Event 2021 Release Date

Assuming Respawn follows its 2020 schedule, the holiday sale will likely run from November 26 through early January, with new sales popping up each week. Holo-Day itself took place from December 1 through January 4, and we expect that'll be roughly the same for this year's event, whatever it ends up being.

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Apex Legends Christmas Event Leaks

Dataminer KralRindo has previously revealed a list of upcoming store bundles (see below), which confirmed a “Home for the Holo-days Bonus Bundle’ set for release on November 30.

First off, it's not clear if this is the release date for the event itself, or just the bundle. Also, some details can easily change. The only concerning thing is that, with so many upcoming events for Season 11, it's possible Holo-Day Bash in 2021 could be an understated affair. Some nice LTM's to enjoy and maybe a chance to grab old skins, but it might not deliver new features in quite the same way as previous years.

Apex Legends Christmas Mode

Holo-Day Bash 2020 brought back Winter Express as a limited-time mode. Players were tasked with boarding and guarding a winter train as it made its way through King's Canyon. The train made several stops and had plenty of chances of being boarded and raided, though it was limited to King's Canyon.

Apex Legends has had plenty of new maps since then, including the recent Storm Point map, though there's no indication whether Respawn may branch out and add events on other maps this year.

The event was built around using new Legends in different ways, so we're hoping this year's challenges give us something tied to Ash and Seer.

Apex Legends Christmas 2021 Rewards

Holo-Day Bash 2020 included a brand-new rewards track with plenty of exclusive rewards. We'd be surprised if this year didn't also have its own rewards track. That said, last year's were a bit skimpy, with just two skins and little else besides.

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