NICKMERCS Predicts Apex Legends Ash Nerf

Apex Legends' new characters tend to be overpowered whenever they are introduced. Seer, for example, was pretty OP when he first came out. Everyone liked him and abused his abilities, so he got nerfed.

Nicholas 'NICKMERCS' Kolcheff predicted the same result for Ash during an Apex Legends ranked match. According to NICKMERCS, Ash will receive a nerf soon. Ash has some pretty insane abilities, and typically, nerfs come after characters are released.

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Apex Legends Ash

Let's compare it to Seer. While I understand that Caustic has a pretty OP can, Seer was broken, so that's understandable. When Seer first came out, how many times did he get picked? A lot.

Here's Nicks talking about Seer:

When NICKMERCS learned of Ash's undeniable advantages, he had only one response: Nerf. Characters who have too much of an advantage receive a nerf:

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However, sometimes having good damage or passive advantages can make up for disadvantages. Some people like Ash the way she is, and she isn't as busted as Seer was.

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