Apex Legends Pariah: Release Date, Abilities, and Leaks

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Update: Pariah was previously mentioned as the potential Season 10 legend, it has now become apparent that Pariah is in fact Seer and the former was his code name within the files.

We’re all getting excited for Apex Legends Season 10, and the big seasonal update is creeping ever closer. We’re expecting it will bring map updates, balance changes, more story to add to the Apex Games canon, and of course a new Legend. While many thought the next character would be Apex Legends' Pariah, it turns out that it's actually going to be Seer!

That’s thanks to dataminers, who are combing the game code for any tidbits or giveaways that could tell us something – anything – about the newest character in Apex Legends. Pariah may well still be in the works, but Season 10 will see Seer enter the fray. If you're ready for a steam-powered super-recon character, then he (Seer) might be your new main.

As always, take any datamines with a pinch of salt, as game code can change at any time (RIP Forge), but why wait for the official Apex Legends patch notes when you can get your own sneak peek right here?

Latest News

Pariah is Seer

According to Biast12, Seer and Pariah are the same person, Pariah was Seer's code name. If you had your hopes up for this legend, we're sorry to say there basically no chance of seeing them come to Apex, unless Respawn decide to name one of the legends by that title.

The Stories from the Outlands lore trailer confirmed that the new Legend is a cursed man called Obi - better known as Seer. Unfortunately that means we may be waiting for Pariah, but for now, head over to that guide to check out everything we know about the confirmed Season 10 Legend!

July 17: Third lore trailer and Olympus teaser

UPDATE: The Apex Legends Season 10 teasers can be found wider than just in Rift. Check our guide for the full list of locations.

A moth-related teaser can be found near the Rift area of Olympus. Here is exactly what it entails:

Recently a lore teaser was uploaded to Twitter, we say teaser rather than trailer as it isn't even a minute long.

Though some believe this may be related to Seer, another legend that might join the Apex games, many players have suggested that the man mentioned in this story could be Pariah.

You can watch the three lore trailers uploaded so far here:

The Moth and the Flame: Chapter 2:

The Moth and the Flame: Chapter 3:

Apex Legends Pariah Release Date

Season 10’s character to join Apex Legends, Pariah, will be released on August 3, with Season 10. This is subject to change at this point, as we don’t have any official confirmation, but the date seems likely.

If the character ends up being called Seer, Apex Legends will still release them on August 3, with the new season.

Apex Legends Pariah Abilities

Pariah’s abilities have also been datamined by prominent Apex Legends leaker Biast12. Pariah seems like a recon character – so will probably be able to scan beacons – and has sonar capabilities.

Here are Apex Legends' Pariah’s abilities:

Passive: Aplomb Training – Pariah can see enemy health bars. Pariah is also immune to stunning effects and SDM steam.

Tactical: Sonar Grenade – Throw a sonar grenade revealing enemies in its area of effect. Grenade lasts for 15 seconds.

Ultimate: Sacrificial Romantic – Pariah activates an SDM device releasing a flurry of steam in all directions but becomes unable to move. Steam causes burn damage directly to health.


Apex Legends Pariah Skins

Biast12 also found the names of four legendary skins for Pariah, which seem to show that the new character might be some sort of secret agent. Whether they’re working for Apex Games commissioner Kuben Blisk or employed by one of the other Legends for less nefarious means remains to be seen.

Here are Pariah’s legendary skins:

  • Secret Service 
  • Lost Archive 
  • Phantom Edge 
  • Chimera 

That’s everything we know about Apex Legends’ Pariah so far, but we’ll keep this guide up to date with any news or confirmation about the new Legend as soon as we find out.

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