Apex Legends' New Map Has Sun, Sea, and Suspicious Prowlers

Apex Legends Season 10 is well underway, but players are already looking for what's next. If you want concrete changes, then your best bet is to keep both eyes firmly on the Apex Legends patch notes, but if you're interested in the wet cement that is made up of leaks and datamines, then read on. Hints of a new Apex Legends map have been dropped occasionally in the lore, but we haven't had anything solid until now.

A new season will add a new character to our Apex Legends tier list and make some major changes to one of the game's maps - this time it's Ash. Season 10 saw a makeover for World's Edge, which saw the likes of Climatizer and Lava Siphon bring new experiences to the map. TimTheTatman didn't much care for the killer gondola he encountered, but most players think the changes are positive - especially removing Train Yard.

However, every so often we get a brand new map added to the game, and it looks like Apex Legends Season 11 could be one of those lucky seasons.

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Apex Legends' New Map Storm Point Release Date

Apex Legends' new map, Storm Point, will release on November 2, based on the end date of Season 10: Emergence. This is subject to change, however, and we will keep this guide up to date with anything we hear.

An orange space ship has landed cleanly in a green field.
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Apex Legends New Map Teasers

The first teaser for the new Apex Legends map has appeared on Olympus. The small, orange ship is recognised by Bangalore, and she has a new voice line when she sees it.

"Huh. This looks like... no. No way. Can't be," she says.

As well as the IMC ship that is probably related to her long-lost brother, Jackson, we can expect more teasers on the following dates according to dataminer KralRindo:

  • October 14
  • October 16
  • October 18
  • October 20

We also think that the leaked new Arenas map could be pointing towards the beaches and forests of Gaea.

Apex Legends New Map POIs

Rodney Reece, the designer of Storm Point, gave us an insight into some of the new POIs on Storm Point in an EA blog. We've summarised the best bits here:

A science fiction concrete city is surrounded by beautiful blue water.
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Barometer is the Skull Town of Storm Point, or Fragment if you're a more World's Edge sort of player. It's near the centre of the map and offers a large, wide array of buildings. There's a lot of different heights offering vertical plays, and two Gravity Cannons for rapid redeployment.

A jungle outpost at the foot of a cliff in Apex Legends.
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In the heart of the jungle, Checkpoint is a smaller POI that offers a few escape routes if you're being beamed by opponents - or wildlife. Jump into the jungle or use the sheer cliff faces as cover for a Valkyrie redeploy, but it's unlikely this will be a great landing spot.

A huge circular building is sandwiched between two mountains in Apex Legends' new map.
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Storm Catcher

We've included this POI just because of how epic it looks. Like something out of a Herbert book, the Storm Catcher will be an appropriate backdrop for your biggest fights. Again, there doesn't look to be a great lot of loot here, but the design is stunning.

A huge tower stands between mountains, with a large prong crackling with electricity.
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Lightning Rod

This is another incredible-looking POI, but one that also offers a little more loot. And if you thought Barometer had verticality, Lightning Rod has what looks like a fully scalable tower to get the best positions for final circles.

This is the highest point on the whole Storm Point map, this POI is the one we're most excited for in Season 11.

Apex Legends' Ash faces off against a dog-like Prowler in Apex Legends.
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Apex Legends New Map Wildlife

So strictly speaking we have had wildlife on the maps before, but not like this. Kings Canyon is home to Flyers and Leviathans, and the northwest corner of World's Edge has a spot where you can trigger a Prowler attack, but datamines suggest Storm Point could have more sweet creatures joining the fray.

Prowler and Spider nests are static locations, and triggering the PVE encounters can be a risky manouevre. However, battling the fauna can grant your squad Smart Loot Drops - attachments and ammo based on your squad's loadouts - as well as points for your EVO Shields and Crafting Materials shared between teammates. The nests are one-use per match, so use them wisely to get kitted out if you find yourself alone in one corner of the map.

Latest News

26 October 2021

The designer of the map, Rodney Reece, has tweeted the first official look at the whole map. It looks like the central areas of Barometer, Antenna, and Command Center will be the hottest drops.

25 October 2021

The new Apex Legends Escape gameplay trailer shows a lot more of the new map, which includes Halo-esque zero-gravity lifts and plenty of wildlife to fight when you aren't busy with other teams. Watch it here:

21 October 2021

The Storm Point map was front and centre of the Apex Legends Season 11 Escape trailer, which you can watch here:

This shows the new map has plenty of sun, sea, and suspicious prowlers. Wildlife looks like it will play a big role in the new season, so all the wannabe David Attenboroughs out there will have their wishes come true. This one is for you who land at Trials!

New Legend Ash also takes centre stage, and her abilities look pretty devastating.

18 October 2021

There's a brand new Stories From The Outlands trailer set to arrive today. We've lined up the youtube trailer for you just below, so all you need to do is hit play at 4pm BST. We suspect the trailer will focus on a new character, Ash, but it could also include some nuggets of info about our next map, which is also suspected to arrive in Season 11.

14 October 2021

Our first map teaser should hopefully appear at some point later today on Olympus inside the Parachute Pod located between Powerstation East and the Welcome Center. We could potentially see a new message appearing on the laptop inside the pod, which up until now has simply displayed a “contacting origin ship” message.

New teasers should then activate every 2 days until the 20th October. Stand by for lots of clues and people shouting 'enhance' at their screens.

Apex Legends New Map Leaks

Leaks told us a lot about the new map, but now it's been officially revealed we don't have much else to add. But we'll keep our eyes peeled for anything that hasn't been announced just yet.

That's everything we know about Apex Legends' new map, Storm Point, for now, but we'll keep this guide up to date with any news, leaks, or datamines ahead of Season 11.

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