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Apex Legends New Map - Tropic Island Teasers Live on Olympus

Apex Legends Season 10 is well underway, but players are already looking for what's next. If you want concrete changes, then your best bet is to keep both eyes firmly on the Apex Legends patch notes, but if you're interested in the wet cement that is made up of leaks and datamines, then read on. Hints of a new Apex Legends map have been dropped occasionally in the lore, but we haven't had anything solid until now.

A new season will usually add a new character to our Apex Legends tier list and make some major changes to one of the game's maps. Season 10 saw a makeover for World's Edge, which saw the likes of Climatizer and Lava Siphon bring new experiences to the map. TimTheTatman didn't much care for the killer gondola he encountered, but most players think the changes are positive - especially removing Train Yard.

However, every so often we get a brand new map added to the game, and it looks like Apex Legends Season 11 could be one of those lucky seasons.

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Apex Legends' New Map Release Date

Apex Legends' new map will release on November 2, based on the end date of Season 10: Emergence.

This is subject to change, however, and we will keep this guide up to date with anything we hear.

An orange space ship has landed cleanly in a green field.
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Apex Legends New Map Teasers


The first teaser for the new Apex Legends map has appeared on Olympus. The small, orange ship is recognised by Bangalore, and she has a new voice line when she sees it.

"Huh. This looks like... no. No way. Can't be," she says.

As well as the IMC ship that is probably related to her long-lost brother, Jackson, we can expect more teasers on the following dates according to dataminer KralRindo:

  • October 14
  • October 16
  • October 18
  • October 20

We also think that the leaked new Arenas map could be pointing towards the beaches and forests of Gaea.

Apex Legends New Map Design

It's worth reiterating that all the current claims are datamines, meaning that they could change at any point. However, dataminer Shrugtal has a good track record of getting things right, so we're feeling pretty confident.

The first file they found was nearly a year ago, with files named "Tropic Island."

More recently, they found files for a muddy Trident, which means that the map will be designed around vehicular combat. We're expecting a large map with plenty of space for Tridents to roam, more similar to Olympus than Kings Canyon or World's Edge. The ground will likely also be muddy, hence the mud and footprints on the Trident.

A muddy Trident in Apex Legends, which will be used in the new map.
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Speculation based on previous comics suggests that the map might be set on Gaea, where the Legends traveled to in order to find a cure for the disease in Season 9.

However, Shrugtal also found something else in the code. Something brand new to Apex Legends...


Apex Legends New Map Wildlife

So strictly speaking we have had wildlife on the maps before, but not like this. Kings Canyon is home to Flyers and Leviathans, and the northwest corner of World's Edge has a spot where you can trigger a Prowler attack, but datamines suggest Tropic Island could have more sweet creatures joining the fray.

Much like the ravens that now fly around Harvester, a line in the code for the test map mentions the phrase "AI wildlife," which suggests we could have more animals than we've seen before. And the fact they need AI suggests they will be more like Prowlers than ravens.

Whether these are the giant Carthage Spiders that attacked the Legends in the Season 9 comic or not remains to be seen, but a Tropic Island is bound to be home to all kinds of animals, some dangerous and some not.

Apex Legends New Map Leaks

Dataminers sent Thordan Smash some images of the new map in the game files, solidifying the island paradise/beach theme. The first is an image of some kind of enclosure, which is holding a Prowler and Prowler Nest.

A Prowler roams a large enclosure on an island.
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We hope that Apex Legends Season 11 doesn't follow in the footsteps of Jurassic Park and the fences go down, but there'll have to be some pretty good loot in this compound for us to venture in.

The next leaked image shows the beach with a faraway island. It seems that you'll be able to use a Trident to get to the far islands, as we think Pathfinder would probably sink if he tried to swim that distance.

A white sand beach with a single palm tree. The ocean glistens a beautiful blue.
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Thordan Smash also revealed a section of the minimap, and the complex archipelago that players will have to navigate in Season 11.

A map showing the coastline of the new Apex Legends map.
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The final piece of the puzzle (so far) is a piece of audio in the game files that Shrugtal hasn't heard used yet. The Windy Cliffside audio would fit into a Tropic Island map, especially if there are really tall sniper spots to camp.


That's everything we know about the new Apex Legends map, Tropic Island, for now, but we'll keep this guide up to date with any news, leaks, or datamines ahead of Season 11.