Apex Legends Season 11: Escape Gameplay Trailer Shows Gravity Lifts and Wildlife

The immortal words of Dizzee Rascal ring true while watching the Apex Legends Season 11 gameplay trailer: "Get your passport and your bikini, you need a holiday, come see me."

While Dizzee had something slightly saucier on his mind while singing his 2009 hit, Apex players are fed up, too. With Kings Canyon blighting the ranked ladder and Olympus starting to feel slightly stale, World's Edge has been the only saviour this season due to a refresh and a couple of brand new POIs. But even the competitive map can get old when there's only one serious option.

Apex Legends' new map has been teased for weeks by leaks, datamines, and Respawn itself, and last week we finally got a proper look at Storm Point thanks to this season's cinematic trailer. However, today's gameplay trailer has given us an even closer look at what's going on on the so-called island paradise.

You can watch the Apex Legends Season 11: Escape gameplay trailer here:

We got a closer look at new Legend Ash's abilities, as well as a good gander at the CAR SMG and its unique firing modes. Whether it will launch strong and top our list of the best guns in the game remains to be seen, but if Respawn remains true to form, it'll likely be a little too spicy in the early weeks of the season. The ability to take both Heavy and Light ammo should make it easier to use if you're dropping hot or have particularly loot-hungry teammates, though, which is a plus in our minds.

The gravity cannons are reminiscent of Halo - and that's no bad thing - and the mix of jungle and urban environments gives Storm Point a unique aesthetic compared to Apex's other maps. As players can get bored quite easily - and especially at the start of a new season when one map is usually locked in the rotation - being unique is almost as important as being fun. Almost.

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