Apex Legends CAR SMG - Titanfall 2 Weapon Coming to Battle Royale

If Titanfall 2 players across the world are suddenly having violent flashbacks, you know why. The CAR SMG terrorised Titanfall 2 multiplayer, and now the superpowered SMG is coming to Apex Legends Season 11.

The Apex Legends CAR SMG variant will likely be toned down a little, but players are still shellshocked by its Titanfall performance. However, SMGs in general were strong in Titanfall and although the CAR was the pick of the bunch, the R-97 packed a punch too.

The R-99 ranks very highly on our tier list of Apex Legends' best guns, but it's not a patch on the old R-97, so we hope that the CAR won't launch ridiculously overpowered (looking at you, Seer).

Here's everything we know about the Apex Legends CAR SMG so far:

Apex Legends CAR SMG Release Date

The CAR SMG will release on November 2, alongside Apex Legends Season 11. An official post on the EA website confirmed that the submachine gun will launch with Season 11: Escape, so players will be able to drive around the new map with a CAR in hand.

More details about the CAR were recently revealed in the Apex Legends Season 11 gameplay trailer, which you can watch here:

CAR SMG Ammo Type And Attachments

The gameplay trailer clearly shows that the CAR SMG can take Heavy or Light ammo, and all the appropriate attachments to boot.

We don't know quite how this functions yet, whether you'll have to drop attachments just to switch firing modes or whether you can kit it out with everything you can possibly imagine, but it seems like a versatile choice.

Perfect for players who don't run Loba (your loss), you'll never be short of ammo when looting death boxes.

CAR SMG Strategies And Best Legends

Whether it's a mid-range R-301 replacement or more of a traditional SMG will alter the strategies you may want to implement when using the CAR. For close range, Wraith or the new addition to Apex Legends, Ash, will be good choices. If it's more of a mid-range weapon, then we'd plump for Bloodhound or Loba - the latter of whom can loot the myriad of attachments it might take - and pair it with an EVA-8 to handle the close-range encounters.

The CAR will likely launch hot, if Respawn's previous additions are anything to go by, so picking any Legend from our Apex Legends tier list will probably fair you well.

How Good Is The CAR SMG In Titanfall 2?

Apex Legends players are interested in how the CAR performed in Titanfall for obvious reasons - and we'll happily oblige with some tasty gameplay.

Obviously the SMG will be tuned a little bit to suit battle royale gameplay, but it was unparalleled in Apex's predecessor.

That's all we know about the Apex Legends CAR SMG for now, but we'll keep this guide updated with the latest leaks, datamines, and official announcements about the new weapon. For now, make the most of that R-301.

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