Battlefield 2042 Christmas Event - What To Expect

A Battlefield 2042 operator in a boat with a Santa hat crudely edited onto his head.
Credit: EA DICE

When Battlefield 2042 comes out on November 19 2021, Christmas will be nearly upon us. So, what better time to jump into Battlefield 2042's upcoming Christmas content?

We'll keep things up to date right here as and when we learn more about what Battlefield 2042 is planning. Maybe we'll see a Santa specialist! Who knows.

Battlefield 2042 Christmas - Predictions

For Battlefield 2042's Christmas event, we've looked at previous events from Battlefield V, released back in 2018. Christmas 2021 in Battlefield 2042 could well follow this route.


Battlefield Christmas Start Date

The Christmas event in Battlefield V started on December 12, so it's likely we'll see something similar this year. The game will still be brand new at less than a month old, so it's likely that the festive event will be the first big content drop of the game.

Unlockable Freebies

'Tis the season for giving, so we expect Battlefield 2042 to offer free skins and cosmetics to spread festive cheer. In Battlefield V, players got Mistletoe headgear to help them show their squad just how joyous the season is. Apparently, it could work as camo too.

Purchasable Cosmetics

Last time out, Battlefield V players were able to buy Christmas-themed packs too. The "Holiday Collection Bundle" was around for the previous Battlefield title and included all kinds of festive gear. There were soldier, weapon, and vehicle skins, so we can hope to see all the specialists dressed for the occasion. Maybe they'll even put a Santa hat on the rocket from Orbital.

Festive Challenges and Modes


With so many options available in Battlefield 2042, Christmas should deliver a whole load of treats. In Battlefield V, maps turned snowy and you were tasked with the special challenge of building a snowman on the field of war.

Thanks to the co-existence of Hazard Zone, Battlefield Portal, and the standard All-Out Warfare, we can hope for all kinds of content in Battlefield 2042 for Christmas. There's a lot of potential for unique challenges and stuff to do.

More Good Stuff

It's been a while since Battlefield V was making moves, and since then all manner of live service games have brought mountains of seasonal content to their players. We wouldn't be surprised if a whole load more things are offered over the festive period. One thing that would be cool could be a "12 days of Christmas" login bonus, encouraging daily logins and a treat each time. Maybe even an advent calendar could be added to the game to reward players for doing various good deeds for the holidays.

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