Halo Infinite: How To Use The MA40 Assault Rifle

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Halo Infinite marks the return of some of the franchise's most iconic weapons, one of which includes the MA40 Assault Rifle.

The classic assault rifle returns and though it's not the strongest gun in the game, it still packs a kick in the right situation. Given it's the default weapon starting off, it's best if you have the know-how behind it.

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Halo Infinite: How To Use The MA40 Assault Rifle

The weapon comes loaded with a 36-round magazine and a high fire rate. Its highlight feature is the smart-link sight, which is capable of aiming with ease.

With its furious bursts, the MA40 can jerk back quite a bit. So be mindful of its recoil when plucking out enemies. Due to this handling, it's best if you use the assault rifle at close to medium range but even then, you'll need to do your best to steady its aim.

One Spartan aiming at another one from behind.
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Credit: 343 Industries

Its high fire rate counteracts its moderate damage. So don't go into firefights trying to take out multiple Spartans.

You're going to probably reload more than once, making the MA40 incapable of handling intense, overwhelming situations. But you're bound to come out on top in one-vs-one scenarios.

The MA40 is one of the oldest and most common weapons in Halo Infinite. It's not that strong this year, but keep these tips in mind when using the gun. With preferred scenarios being close combat ones, find out which maps are best for the MA40, or have a look at the best way to use the VK47 Commando.

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