Halo Infinite: How To Use The MK50 Sidekick

Halo Infinite is packed full of powerful firearms but, it's easy to forget about the Sidekicks; one being the MK50.

Make its introduction in 343 Industries' latest title, the MK50 is a small beast that packs quite a punch for its size.

We break down the best ways to use the new Sidekick.

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Halo Infinite: How To Use The MK50 Sidekick

The pistol is a semi-automatic weapon with a pretty decent fire rate. It's packed with a limited 12 rounds per magazine, so don't go storming into firefights John Wick-style.

It's pretty powerful, where several shots on the upper body can take out an enemy. But its raised crosshairs and limited depth make the weapon difficult to use from long-range. So, we'd recommend using the MK50 in close-combat scenarios.

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Given its impressive damage and adequate fire rate, the MK50 is the perfect Sidekick to accompany more long-ranged weapons like the VK78 and BR75. It's also a solid emergency gun to whip out when you run out of ammo on your main firearm - a few shots to your foe and you'll finish them off.

While the MK50 isn't the most powerful, it's a perfect companion weapon. You'll also need to use the MK50 in various weekly challenges.

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