Vampire Survivors Coffin - How to unlock characters

Image of the player fighting beside a coffin in Vampire Survivors.

Image of the player fighting beside a coffin in Vampire Survivors.

The Vampire Survivors coffin is a bit of a mystery when you first come across one. If you are wondering how coffins work and how to defeat the enemies surrounding them, this is everything you need to know. Though they can be a bit of a problem, they're worth it.

In this Vampire Survivors guide, we'll go over how you find coffins, what they are, and how to defeat them. As well as this, well explain the ways in which you can unlock characters aside from using coffins in Vampire Survivors. There are tonnes of different ways to do it!

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What are Vampire Survivors coffins and how do they work?

Once you get into a level, you can open up the map with the M key. It will show you items to collect, question marks to find, and coffins. Just scope out the coffin on the map and go towards it. There are four coffins on four different maps. Those maps are as follows:

  • Mad Forest (where you get Pugnala)
  • Inlaid Library (where you get Giovanna)
  • Dairy Plant (where you get Poppea)
  • Gallo Tower (where you get Concetta)

Coffins are surrounded by enemies, generally a little tougher than you are. For this reason, you want to level up your character before you go over to it. Kill all the enemies and touch the coffin for it to open up. A new character will then come out, which you can purchase from the menu.

It seems likely that, as the game continues to grow, more coffins will be added. These are a great way of unlocking new characters and progressing the story. We'll update you right here if more come out.

Image of the level up menu in Vampire Survivors.
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How do I unlock new Vampire Survivors characters?

Outside of opening the coffins, you can get characters through specific objectives like levelling up certain weapons, beating named levels and generally progressing through the game. Some are much harder than others, with the likes of Queen Sigma being unlocked when you finish the full collection.

This being said, you can access a cheats menu and type in a code to unlock Queen Sigma and tonnes of new secret characters without the grind. You do this by defeating the boss on every main level, then defeating the bone boss in Bone Zone, a new special map. This will unlock a cheat menu, where you can type in codes to get special rewards.

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