The Devil in Me voice actors and cast

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The Devil in Me voice actors and cast
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The Devil in Me voice actors are surprisingly varied. Part of what makes Supermassive Games' projects work so well is the strength of their voice cast. Although we are still months away from launch, we know quite a few of the names that will appear on the bill. This is what we know.

In this, we will go over all the names we can find, their character, and what they have worked on before. If you recognise a voice, it's likely for a reason. We will also give you an IMDB link to look through all of their work yourself. You don't know where you could have heard these voices before.


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The Devil in Me voice actors and cast

As of right now, we only know a few of the actors who will appear in The Devil in Me. Hopefully, more will be announced soon

Character Voice Actor
Kate WilderJessie Buckley
The CuratorPip Torrens
CoronerSuanne Braun
JudgeNigel Barber
Chester BellMike Bodie

Jessie Buckley

Playing the role of Kate Wilder, Jessie Buckley played Lucy in I'm thinking of Ending Things, Rose-Lynn in Wild Rose, and Moll in Beast.

The Devil in Me voice actors

Nominated for an Oscar in 2022, you may recognise her voice in something else. You can check out her IMDB here.

Pip Torrens

Pip Torrens reclaims his role as The Curator. Playing this in all of The Dark Pictures Anthology, you may also recognise him as Colonel Kaplan in Star Wars Episode VII or Captain in Tomorrow Never Dies.

Here is his IMDB.


Suanne Braun

Suanne Braun plays the role of the Coroner in The Devil in Me but this is not their only video game role. They also played the role of Sophie in Dying Light 2. If you recognise her from somewhere else, it's likely as Mrs. Donatelli in The Princess Switch 3 or as Hathor in Stargate SG-1

The Devil in Me voice actors

You can see her IMDB here.


Nigel Barber

Nigel Barber plays the role of Judge in The Devil in Me, alongside a few other characters. As well as this, you can recognise him as Kris in Dying Light 2 and Uthid in Horizon Forbidden West.

You can see his IMDB here.

Mike Bodie

Mike Bodie plays Chester in The Devil in Me. As well as this, he played Father in Love, Death and Robots. He also played Efrem in Spectral and Remy Denis in Control: AWE.


If you recognise that voice from somewhere else, you can see his IMDB here.

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