The Dark Pictures: The Devil In Me Trademarked, Likely Fourth Game In The Anthology

The Dark Pictures: The Devil In Me has been trademarked, suggesting that this will be the next game's title in the anthology after House of Ashes releases this October.

The trademark, which appeared overnight doesn't offer much to talk about but it does look like the fourth entry in the series will delve into The Devil and maybe even some occult tropes we have come to know from horror narratives.

As for the setting, anything could be possible, from a village to a small group of students at a boarding school (which tends to be a usual trope for these horror stories involving The Devil).

Either way, this does at least show that SuperMassive Games is already hard at work on the fourth entry which will likely release sometime in 2022.

House of Ashes is the latest entry in the series, releasing in just a few months and takes place in old ruins, having you face off against a horde of monsters who are hungry for blood.

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