The Quarry Playtime: How Long is The Quarry?

A dimly lit scene of The Quarry.

Given its huge cast and new publisher, The Quarry has a lot going for it. This bigger scope comes with spooky scares and tonnes of little twists and turns. If you're wondering "how long is The Quarry?", this is what you need to know.

Unfortunately, the answer is much more than just a playtime estimate. Your experience will vary based on your decisions and how you like to play the game. With alternate paths and a "death rewind" mechanic, The Quarry incentivises you to explore around and really find all there is to see. With evidence, clues and more, you will figure out more of the story if you look around every now and then.

If you have just started to play and want to know who The Quarry voice actors are, just click that link. Most of the in-game cast will look and sound familiar to movie fans out there: and with good reason. If you're struggling to play a voice you're certain you've heard before, check out the list above.

How Long is The Quarry?

Generally speaking, your first playthrough of The Quarry should take you around ten hours. If you don't search around in every area, it could take you seven or so and can go up to 15 if you take your time and even replay a couple of your mistakes.

This all being said, The Quarry is intentionally set up to give you multiple playthroughs. There are 186 different endings to find, though some of these endings are only marginally different. You could likely play through the game up to ten times and still not see all the secrets and baddies there are to find.

For this reason, giving a playtime can be a little hard. If you just want to play through it once, you may not discover all there is to see.

If you choose to play it with your friends, it may take even longer. Decisions can be pretty hard to make if you want all your characters to stay alive. Start at around ten hours and expect it to go all the way up to 100 if you want to see everything.

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