How Many Endings Does The Quarry Have?

The Quarry is Supermassive Games' latest title and that comes with a new location and spooky new choices. If you're wondering how many endings are in The Quarry, the answer may not be quite as straightforward as you may think.

Like their previous games, The Quarry is designed to be able to play through a handful of times. As you choose different options, you will get different consequences as a result. Your inability to guess where your decisions will lead you leaves you searching for what would have happened the other way around.

If you're finally about to play The Quarry and want to know how to get the preorder bonuses, what The Quarry preload times are or where you know those voices from, we have you covered right here.

How many endings are in The Quarry?

On launch, there are 186 different endings you can find in The Quarry. This was originally reported in an interview with IGN back in April. With so many choices and tiny little differences, it would make sense for so many choices to make themselves clear.

The Quarry Endings
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Don't worry, this isn't a spoiler

This all being said, some endings will have bigger differences than others. There are 15 central paths you can make throughout the game. These are the major decisions you can make with the biggest implications.

Each one of these will lead you down different paths and to different conclusions. Not all of these are tied to character deaths or major points in the story. Some will only minorly affect what you see, where others will drastically change everything.

This huge difference in choices makes it rather hard to fully guess where you will land by the time you finish The Quarry. Anytime a new path is added or updated, make sure to keep an eye on it. This is the best way of planning out your next playthrough. Also, pick up any cards you can find, they will give you small hints on what your decisions do.

Do All of The Quarry Endings Matter?

Though you're always encouraged to see the different endings in some branching narrative games like visual novels and sidequests in your favourite RPG, seeking out all 186 different endings in The Quarry is a tall order that hopefully won't limit your opportunity to max out your Gamerscore or grab that Platinum trophy. We've seen worse achievements over the last dozen years or so, but expect only the most drastic differences to unlock those particular accolades.

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