The Quarry: How To Redeem Preorder Bonuses

The Quarry is Supermassive Games' latest title, and with it comes big scares and an interesting new setting. If you've just started and looking for The Quarry preorder bonuses, this is what you need to know.

They won't majorly shake up the game but they do add enough to provide something a little different. Mostly focused on the aesthetic, they plan on making The Quarry just a little more interesting.

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What Are The Quarry Preorder Editions? - All Bonuses Explained

As evidenced by the 2K Games Shop, there are two major editions of The Quarry that you can buy ahead of release.

The Standard edition gives you access to the game but, if you preorder it, you also get the 'Horror History Visual Filter Pack'. This lets you add a handful of filters to the look of the game.

It's just an aesthetic difference that's tucked away in the graphics setting, but the not-so-subtle change of tone can have a drastic effect on your experience of the game.

If you decide to pick up the deluxe edition of the game, you get the previous filters pack as well as:

  • Instant access to 'Death Rewind' feature
  • Gorefest movie mode
  • '80s-themed character outfits

Again, nothing here is absolutely tantamount to your experience with The Quarry, but the added features might just help you enjoy things that little bit more.

For example, matching the VHS filter with the 80s-themed outfits will turn The Quarry from a modern movie experience to something that visually matches the clear golden age of horror vibe the story is going for.

The Quarry Preorder Bonuses
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How to Redeem The Quarry Preorder Bonuses

If you have it all downloaded and ready to go, you don't actually need to do anything to access your preorder bonuses.

You just need to know where to look. Over in the settings tab, move to display, where you can swap between a handful of filters. Whatever character you are playing as at the time will be on screen, letting you see what it will change.

For 'Death Rewind', you have to find it and turn it on in the accessibilities tab. This allows you to reverse a death and make a different decision or pass a QTE. It is usually unlocked after finishing the game but you get it from the start with your preorder.

If you're finally playing The Quarry for yourself and recognise some of those voices, here is all the latest information on The Quarry voice actors. You'll no doubt notice a few familiar voices to go alongside character likenesses, and if you're struggling to place those vocals, the guide above will help.

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