Is the Quarry on Xbox Game Pass?

The Quarry is the latest campy horror title from Supermassive Games and it comes with an impressive cast, a new publisher, and a spooky setting. A group of teen counselors have come to Hackett's Quarry to have one final night of fun. When horrors come out, every one of them has to fight for their survival. The Quarry on Game Pass would be a huge boost but it doesn't seem to be there right now.

Taking after the formula set in Until Dawn and cemented in the Dark Pictures Anthology, you have to make choices that determine the fates of all characters. This leads to horrific death scenes or one too many close calls.

For more on the Quarry, check out what we know about preload times and information on the voice actors. We'll also have more on the game once it launches.

Is the Quarry Coming to Xbox Game Pass?

As of right now, we don't have any confirmation that The Quarry is coming to Xbox Game Pass and it seems unlikely it will come on day one. Generally, Xbox tends to announce new games long in advance. Given The Quarry is a pretty big game, it seems likely we would already know.

If any more information comes out or we get confirmation either way, we will update you right here.

Why The Quarry Could Come to Xbox Game Pass

Although it left last December, Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan came to Xbox Game Pass back in 2020. This was published under Bandai Namco so there's a chance this was due to their relationship with Microsoft but, if it was successful, it could be a good incentive for The Quarry to come to Xbox's service.

If it does eventually come, the team could wait a year or two until all the new players have played through it for themselves first. Xbox Game Pass is a great way of reviving interest in older titles so it seems likely The Quarry may follow suit.

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