The Quarry: How Does Death Rewind Work?

The Quarry, like previous Supermassive Games' titles, is a tense horror experience where you can lose any of your characters in an instant. For this reason, you may be wondering how The Quarry death rewind mechanic works to save them from any snap decisions you immediately regret. Here's what we know ahead of release.

Death Rewind can be a pretty handy addition to your toolbox, especially on the second run of the story. Once you know what the main beats are to the narrative, it helps to have a way to get your prefered ending as soon as possible. Unfortunately, with so many choices to make, it's not always this easy.

For even more on The Quarry, we've put together a list of The Quarry voice actors in case you want to know exactly who it is you're hearing. Maybe you'll have changed opinion of a character once you realise who's behind their voice and mannerisms. They certainly approach the uncanny valley at times: which could have worked as an alternate name in retrospect.

How Does The Quarry Death Rewind Work?

The Quarry Death Rewind mechanic allows you to go back to before a character dies to ultimately change your decision and, thus, chart your path to another one of the game's many different endings.

It's not the lifeline it initially sounds like, though. Or, actually, it's exactly the lifeline it sounds like. You only get three Death Rewind uses per playthrough, meaning you can't expect to save everyone if you're particularly prone to getting them killed.

Know your options, pick your route, and either use the Death Replay feature to strategically reach the ending you want or to avoid derailing your run after a few missteps.

As well as all of this, some decisions made much earlier on will decide whether or not a character dies. The implications of your decisions aren't always made clear. You unlock this after you have been through the game once.

This being said, if you bought the deluxe edition of the game, you will get the death rewind mechanic from the very start. You can turn it on and off from the accessibility option in the start menu at any time.

If you play the game alongside a friend, death rewind will not be available to you. The creators clearly want you to own your decisions the first time you play the game.

Now that you know how death rewind works, here's why The Quarry may eventually come to Xbox Game Pass. We'll even go over how The Quarry friend pass system works. After games like No Way Out and It Takes Two, there's room to ponder whether this cinematic survival horror experience allows for its multiplayer component to be enjoyed with a single purchase.

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