The Quarry: How To Save Laura

The Quarry Laura

The Quarry Laura

The Quarry can be a bit disorienting when you don’t know what your doing, if you’re looking up how to save Laura in The Quarry, this is what you need to know. She's one of the main camp counsellors you can save or let perish as the events of the game play out, but some can only be saved when they're on the absolute brink, and Laura is one of them.

Needless to say, there will be pretty heavy spoilers for the game over the following piece. If you’re playing The Quarry for the first time, you may want to skip it to allow the story to work at its best. If you don’t mind Laura’s story being spoiled, here’s what you should know.

If you’re trying to save everyone as you play through the game, here’s how to save Dylan and Nick in The Quarry. And for more technical guides, check out the details on how to redeem preorder bonuses, how Death Rewind works (which is great for this), and the latest on The Quarry friend pass system to boot. If you're hoping to play with a friend, you'll want to check that out.

How to Save Laura in The Quarry


  • Get the spoon from the window of your cell
  • Use the spoon to pry the brick near the door
  • When Max attacks, grab the syringe upstairs and hide it in the brick
  • Use the syringe on Travis
  • At the Hackett House, have Laura shoot the gun and Ryan leave the knife
  • Have Ryan shoot Chris, bringing Laura back
  • Have Laura bite Ryan and Laura will survive The Quarry

For a more detailed breakdown of how to save Laura in The Quarry, keep reading. It can get a little complicated.

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Detailed Walkthrough - How to Save Laura

Outside of getting QTEs right and moving the plot forward, you want to use a spoon found in the window of your cell to pry open the brick near the floor. When you are attacked by Max, you can then find a syringe upstairs and hide it in that brick. Then, use it on Travis to get out unscathed.

After this, you'll find Laura and Nick in the Hackett house. She's already turning by this point so you just have to stay alive a little longer. Choose to shoot the gun as Laura and choose to leave the knife in as Ryan.

Then, make your way through the house, doing all the QTEs. As Ryan, shooting Chris in the following conflict will bring Laura back. If you choose to have her bite Ryan, both will be fine after killing Chris.

From here, kill Silas alongside Travis to cure everyone else. If you get all of this done, Laura will make it out of The Quarry alive.

If you're playing through the game for yourself right now and recognise them, here's what you should know about The Quarry voice actors. It's a game with a bunch of Hollywood stars behind it, so knowing who is who (if it isn't clear enough already) can add some extra meat to the bone of the game.

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