How To Save Dylan in The Quarry

The Quarry how to save Dylan

Being one of the game's most vocal protagonists, Dylan's mouth can get him in quite a lot of trouble, even if there's a smarter brain under it all. Here's how to save Dylan in The Quarry.

Needless to say, there will be some pretty heavy spoilers in this section. If you are playing through the game for the first time and want to avoid spoilers, you may be better off going in blind. We'll try to not spoil anything that isn't necessary but part of what makes The Quarry work so well is not being able to guess what comes next.

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How to Save Dylan in The Quarry

There are a few major steps you should take to keep Dylan alive by the end of the game. Though not responsible for Dylan, breaking into the cabin with Emma and Abi at the start of the game might help you out later on.

The Quarry Dylan
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After this is done, Ryan and Dylan will find themselves in a cabin to control the radios. Dylan will reach for the wire to fix it and get bitten. If you can, chop his hand off with the nearby chainsaw. This should cure his infection and help you get him out of there.

Finally, outside of QTE events, the next time Dylan will be in danger is when he and Kaitlin go to the junkyard. You will be tasked with controlling the car. Alert Caitlin as the monster approaches and pull her up in the car. She will fall out where you can land the car on top of the creature, securing Dylan's safety for the rest of the game. As Caitlin, you will have to take down Caleb in the lodge but, as long as you can do this, both will get out fine.

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