The Quarry Friend Pass: Can You Play Multiplayer With One Game?

The Quarry is the huge next game from Supermassive Games and it seems to be a much bigger project than their previous work with The Dark Pictures Anthology. If you're looking into The Quarry Friend Pass, this is what we know so far about whether or not you'll be able to jump into its interesting multiplayer modes without having sit by your side or pick up the game themselves.

The idea of a friend pass for The Quarry stems from games like It Takes Two, which enabled a paying player to gift a version of the game that could only be played together with the original purchaser's copy. It's not the first time such a system has been employed for coop-focused adventures, but it's one of the more popular iterations of the generous system.

If you're looking to find out when The Quarry Preload Times are or whether or not we think The Quarry on Game Pass could be a thing for launch, here's everything we know about it so far.

Does The Quarry Have a Friend Pass System?

Unfortunately, The Quarry does not have a friend pass scheme. Previously, House of Ashes got one but The Quarry has moved in a slightly different direction. There's a focus on couch co-op this time around and the multiplayer mode doesn't work like the standard co-op one does.

Although there aren't any concrete plans to bring out a friend pass, there are a few major ways to play multiplayer. You can choose to take control of a few characters, or just vote on the major decisions to get the right ending.

If you want to play The Quarry multiplayer, you and your friends join up and vote on the game's major decisions. With House of Ashes, another horror title from the same development studio, the friend pass was only released months after the game came out.

There's technically a chance the same could happen for The Quarry. It is a bigger game than the previous entries, with an even bigger cast. This means that, for now, anything can happen.

This being said, players have been making complaints about the quality of the House of Ashes friend pass. It seems that, if you want to play with your friends, the best way to do so is either in person using the same copy of the game, or online with voice chat or a messaging service by your side for real-time reactions with your buddies.

If you're playing the game for yourself and recognise some of those voices, here's everything you need to know about The Quarry voice actors. The new horror-adventure title features plenty of Hollywood actors you may recognise from their in-game likeness or their voices.

If you struggle to place them during the first few chapters, you'll be better off just learning of who they are before the nagging feeling starts to distract you from the in-game events. Though, if that happens, The Quarry Death Rewind feature is there to make things right again. For a time.

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