The Quarry: Can You Save Emma?

How to Save Emma in The Quarry

The Quarry is a pretty tough game if you want to keep your characters alive. With so many options and QTEs, there's so much to keep an eye on. If you're looking to find out how, here's how to save Emma in The Quarry.

As you might expect, there are some pretty heavy spoilers ahead on portions of the game, major decisions and more. We've done what we can to avoid some of the bigger moments but, if you want to play through it without that being spoiled, you may be better off coming back later.

As you play through the game, you may be looking for ways to save the others. Here's how to save Laura, Nick, Jacob, Abi, and Dylan.

Can You Save Emma in The Quarry?

Like any of the camp counsellors, you can save Emma in The Quarry by following the perfect sequence of events. Read on to keep her alive.

How to Save Emma in The Quarry

There are tonnes of little things you have to watch out for if you want Emma to stay alive by the end.

First, make sure you break open the cabin with Abi. This will make it easier to evade one of the creatures later on. As well as this, when you're with Jacob, grab the fireworks. This will save you later on.

After this, go forward to Emma on the island. Before you check out the trap door, search the bag to grab a taser. Tase the creature and run away. Then, block the door with the cabinet and escape via the zipline.

How to Save Emma in The Quarry
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This is all you need to do on Emma's behalf. If you want to stay uninfected, make sure to avoid Jacob getting infected earlier on. Just succeed in doing the QTEs. This is all you need to do if you want to keep Emma alive. There are tonnes of things you can do to make the game a little easier but here are the basics of how to keep her alive.

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