How To Save Jacob in The Quarry

The Quarry Jacob

The Quarry Jacob

The Quarry is a pretty difficult game if you're trying to keep every single character alive. If you're looking into how to save Jacob in The Quarry, this is what you need to know to keep him alive.

As you might guess, this piece is filled with small spoilers for The Quarry. Though we will try to avoid some of the game's biggest twists, revealing the situation characters are in will spoil much of what makes games like The Quarry work. If you want to go in blind, you may want to come back here on your second playthrough.

If you're finally playing the game for yourself and want to how long it will take you to beat or want to see our The Quarry review, check it out right now.

How to Save Jacob in The Quarry

Although there are some places where you can get Jacob killed, there are only a handful of choices you should watch out for. First, go to save Abi when you hear her scream. Later on, when controlling Ryan, you will see a bush rustling - don't shoot. Jacob will pop out, get in a conflict about the gun and then attempt to help out Emma in the woods.

The Quarry Jacob
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You will later get caught in a trap, where Bobby will cut you down. It doesn't matter what option you take here. After this, you will get your leg stuck in a bear trap, where the Hacketts will kidnap you and put you in their cage.

When you take over as Ryan and Laura, stop them from shooting Nick, then let Jacob out of the cage. If you fail to let him out, he will get killed later on. To let him out, you need to go up to the breaker and:

  • Pull breaker one, followed by breaker two
  • After this, pull breaker two, then breaker three

This should assure Jacob's survival. If you're finally playing it for yourself and recognise The Quarry voice actors, this is what you need to know about who they are.

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