The Quarry: Can You Save Abi?

How to save Abi in The Quarry

How to save Abi in The Quarry

Can you save Abi in The Quarry? It's a question you'll likely ponder for each and every character in this narrative horror adventure. With so many important choices to make, you have to really think them through, otherwise it could end in dire consequences. But knowing which choices to make to save someone can be convoluted. As such, here's how to save Abi in The Quarry.

As you might expect from a guide like this, there will be some pretty heavy spoilers ahead. It will spoil huge parts of the game, as well as some of the most vital decisions. It will also spoil some of what the characters go through. If you want to go into The Quarry blind, you are better off coming back after you've played through it once.

If you want to save everyone, here's how to save Nick, Laura, Jacob and Dylan. You may need to really plan out your run if you want to save everyone.

Can You Save Abi?

Like any of the main characters in The Quarry, you can save Abi and have her escape the horrors of the game. Not unscathed, but alive. Here's how to do it.

How to Save Abi in The Quarry

There are a handful of very important decisions you have to make to keep Abi safe. First, you have to make sure not to go down the tunnel with Dylan and Ryan when you go up to the lodge. This will weaken the ladder.

Keeping Emma alive will also help you greatly here so we will go through that.

When Nick and Abi are together after playing Truth or Dare, you can choose to either help Nick or leave him. As long as you do all the QTEs, you can get her out safe. Nick will also be fine, providing you don't accidentally shoot him.

How to save Abi in The Quarry
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When you take over as Emma on the island, go through the bag first, grabbing the taser and bear spray. You will be attacked here. Use the taser, take a picture, then run. If you manage to succeed with all the QTEs, you can get off the island, to be found later.

Later on, in the pool cabin, Nick will throw Abi across the room. As Abi, shoot him with the shotgun. This will not kill him and he will flee. If you fail the shot, Abi will be killed.

The last thing you have to do is go up the ladder with Abi and Emma when you are in the basement. This will get both Abi and Emma out and free. If you're playing through the game and recognise them, here's what you should know about The Quarry voice actors.

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