The Quarry: Can You Save Max?

How to save Max in The Quarry

How to save Max in The Quarry

Supermassive Games is a developer known for having hard decisions and brutal outcomes. If you're looking into how to save Max in The Quarry, this is everything you need to know right now to keep them alive to see the end of the game.

There are heavy spoilers ahead for much of Max's story and the outcomes of many of the game's crucial decisions. What makes The Quarry work so well is its ability to surprise and shock. If you're playing through it for the first time, you are better off coming back here after your first playthrough.

If you're looking into saving everyone, here's how to save Nick, Jacob, Laura, Kaitlyn, and Dylan in your playthrough. With so many potential endings, you'll want to know how to save each and every character at some point, and a perfect run requires the perfect choices.

Can You Save Max in The Quarry?

Like any of the camp counsellors in The Quarry, you're able to save Max with the right sequence of actions

It's worth noting that some characters have to get very close to the edge of death to ultimately survive the night. If things are looking bleak and unavoidable, you might very well be wrong. Just follow below to work it all out.

How to Save Max in The Quarry

If you want to save Max, there are a few things you have to do and some extra things you can do as a safeguard. Essentially, Max is one of the easiest to keep alive.

You need to have some of the others alive and need to make one decision near the end of the game to get out. At the very start of the game, you can choose to help Max or leave him. This has little bearing on the story, though it will affect Max and Laura's relationship.

How to Save Max in The Quarry
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As Abi, break open the cabin at the start to make it easier for others to get away later. As Laura later in the cell, choose to take the syringe from upstairs and hide it in the brick in her cell. Use it on Travis to avoid a violent confrontation.

This will keep Laura alive later in the game, to stop the curse. You can choose to kill Chris in the Hackett house, bringing Max back. If you do, don't swim in the water. It can result in you getting killed by Caleb before Dylan and Kaitlyn get to the junkyard.

If you're finally playing through the game for yourself and recognise them, this is what you should know about The Quarry voice actors. If you want to know if The Quarry is a sequel to Until Dawn, here's what we think. The actors are largely A-list Hollywood celebrities, so knowing exactly who they are might very well change you perception of the game. Give that page a look.

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