Does Texas Chain Saw Massacre have skill-based matchmaking?

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Leatherface standing in a doorway in Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Running around dilapidated hellscapes and playing the world's most disturbing variant of ‘hide and seek’ is a joy in Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Asymmetry is the ever-present trend in modern multiplayer experiences, and people (ourselves included) are all for that. The thing is, people are also wondering whether or not Texas Chain Saw Massacre has skill-based matchmaking (SBMM).

Skill-based matchmaking pits players of similar skill levels against each other when they go to play a game. These systems are in place to ensure games are as balanced as they can be, which in turn helps everyone have a good time. It’s a much-asked-after way to handle matchmaking, so does Texas Chain Saw Massacre have it?

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Ana hiding in Texas Chain Saw Massacre
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Does Texas Chain Saw Massacre have skill-based matchmaking

As of writing, Texas Chain Saw Massacre does not have skill-based Matchmaking. This means when players jump into games, they will be pitted against people of all skill levels. Unfortunately, this puts a downer on the game’s competitive aspect as no attempts are being made to ensure balance.

There has been no confirmation from Gun Interactive or Sumo Digital as to whether or not SBMM will be added in the future. This is just one of several issues surrounding Texas Chain Saw Massacre's online experience, sadly.

Finding a game is currently very difficult due to inconsistent quickplay options and the game's restrictive requirement that all lobbies must have seven players before a game starts. This leads to most matchmaking attempts ending in failure, which is more than a little bit frustrating.

We will update this guide should the issue of SBMM be addressed.

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