Best Sissy build in Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Sissy feeding grandpa in texas chain saw massacre

Sissy feeding grandpa in texas chain saw massacre

Learning to build Sissy in Texas Chain Saw Massacre is a lot of fun. Sissy takes brutal killing to a whole new level and somehow makes it even darker. Sissy is one of the few members of the Family who revels in murder. What makes Sissy unique is how she goes about it. She is no Leatherface or Cook. She isn’t an expert tracker nor is she as physically capable.

Despite her wiles and general insanity, Sissy is quite easy to play. She manages to bypass many weaknesses that plague the other killers, making her a notoriously difficult enemy for survivors to evade. With the right upgrades, Sissy can easily become one of the most reliable murderers this side of Texas.

For some more general tips and tricks, check out our how to win more games in Texas Chain Saw Massacre. If you want to know how all the characters stack up, check out our survivor and killer tier lists.

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Can you survive Sissy?

How to play Sissy in Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Sissy didn’t spend all of her life with the Family. In fact, she left during the sixties to stretch her legs and develop her skills. Drugged-addled, utterly insane, and driven to cults the country over, Sissy returned and was happy to ply her newly enhanced trade. Sissy loves to inflict as much pain as humanly possible before she delivers the final killing stroke with her iconic razor blade.

Sissy is less about brute force and more about inflicting pain, debilitating her quarry, and lying in ambush. Sissy is far more mobile than many of her allies, and her slender frame makes her surprisingly difficult to spot when skulking in high grass. Sissy loves a good trap, and once it has been sprung, she is more than capable of giving chase to finish off her wounded prey.

Sissy overview in texas chain saw massacre
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Sissy is an easy character to pick but hard to master

Sissy stats in Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Sissy’s stats are as heavily skewed as Cook’s. By this we mean she has one terrible stat supported by two good stats. In Sissy’s case her savagery is awful, coming in at a lowly 10. This makes her the weakest killer by far, which might come as a surprise considering how much Sissy loves killing. At base, she is going to struggle compared to just about every other Family member.

Thankfully her other stats are pretty solid to make up for it. Her highest stat is in blood harvesting, at 38. Typically we aren’t a huge fan of this stat being anywhere near this high, but for Sissy, we make an exception. With blood harvesting this high, she fills her vial faster, and she can hold more blood than anyone else by default. This makes her an excellent blood caddy for Grandpa, but it also makes her an ideal candidate for some very nasty perks.

Sissy is rounded off with an average endurance of 23. Sissy doesn’t need much endurance to do what she does best. She has other quirks that make hunting prey far less reliant on tirelessly chasing survivors. At 23, however, she does have a decently high amount of stamina and can certainly chase should the need arise.

Sissy savagery in texas chain saw massacre
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Will Sissy be your main?

Attribute progression for Sissy in Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Since Sissy wants to be dealing damage, harvesting blood, and generally being a nightmare to deal with, you want to be pumping points into savagery early. Every other stat is more or less fine without investment, so push savagery to around 30 to give her a nice bump in damage.

Your final points can be split into blood harvesting and endurance. We settled for 40 blood harvesting and 25 endurance for this build, but feel free to tweak and micromanage away to suit your style. You could even put everything into savagery if you wanted to maximise her damage output.

Because Sissy has such a heavily skewed base statline, there is far less wiggle room when it comes to spending her attributes. This does make her easier to build but also provides a bit less freedom overall.

Sissy ability page in texas chain saw massacre
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She's all about that bloodshed

Sissy’s unique ability in Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Abilities are what define characters in Texas Chain Saw Massacre, and Sissy is no exception to that rule. She comes packaged with one of the nastiest abilities around, Bane. This ability does the following:

Blow clouds of poison in the path of Victims to block their paths or lace their useful items.

Not a very descriptive ability text, so let’s break it down a bit further. Sissy’s poison isn’t lethal. Heck, we aren’t even sure it does damage. What it does do, however, is bork a survivor's vision and controls for a prolonged period if they interact with a laced item or walk through a cloud.

This effect is very potent and makes it far more difficult for survivors to escape. Not only that, Sissy has several perks that interact with Bane, making it even more powerful. Finally, many perks used by allies can also interact with Bane, letting you use your ability as an AoE buff in the right party.

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Finally, Sissy can restock her charges of Bane by interacting with the many mortar and pestles that litter the map.

Bane aside, Sissy’s small frame lets her move around the map with far more freedom than her bulky allies. This lets you squeeze through gaps and under crawl spaces, making Sissy very difficult to evade. She can even hide inside lockers and freezers, giving her plenty of options for ambushing the survivors.

Vial-ent perk in texas chain saw massacre
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The best Sissy perks

Best early game perks for Sissy in Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Sissy’s perks are not as blatantly damage focused as other characters which makes her a little bit tricker to build for. However, the perks she has at her disposal are very powerful.

For Sissy, we recommend heading down the ‘right’ path on her skill tree. Remember, all perks become more powerful as you use them. Stick with the same perks, and you will grow in strength far faster.


Sissy is already a master at bloodletting in Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Her vial is almost always full, and when it’s emptied, it takes no time at all to restock. Surgical makes this even easier, as it increases the amount of blood generated by 20%. What’s more, once it's fully levelled up, that amount increases to a whopping 100%.

Surgical starts great on Sissy and develops into something truly outstanding. Sissy can simultaneously bank blood for other perk activations and feed Grandpa due to the staggeringly low downtime between refills. Very solid perk.


Vial-ent is one of the best perks in Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Its effect is great, increasing your damage by 10%, the caveat being you need to have a full vial to gain the buff. Since we are playing Sissy, Vial-ent is always active, since her stats are so heavily geared towards generating blood.

As it levels up it only gets better, capping out at 20% bonus damage. This is a huge increase in kill potential, and unlike a perk like Big Swing, Vial-ent has functionally no downside on Sissy. A must take.

Rubber Legs

Rubber Legs is exclusive to Sissy and it’s also very powerful. This perk makes Bane even more powerful, which should fill your heart with glee. Rubber Legs causes poison clouds and poisoned items to decrease a survivor's movement speed by 10%. When maxed out we are looking at a 20% debuff.

This combined with Bane’s other innate debilitations and Sissy’s high manoeuvrability all but guarantees a kill. Ridiculously powerful.

Brute Strength

Brute Strength is a Grandpa perk and it’s a pretty straightforward one. Once equipped, all Family members gain a slight damage buff. This is handy on Sissy since her damage is naturally lower, but it helps push everyone that little bit further. As far as we are aware, this perk also stacks if multiple killers are running it.

Even if you are the only person using Brute Strength, the bump in damage is always nice and helps ensure your enemies die before they can make their escape; even if you're not the one doing the killing.

That’s all we have for Sissy in Texas Chain Saw Massacre. To help you navigate the game, check out our guide covering all maps. You can also have a gander at our tips and tricks for playing as the Family.

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