How to use the Hang Glider in Sons of the Forest

A cannibal underneath a waterfall in Sons of the Forest.

The world you explore in Sons of the Forest is too large to traverse on foot. It's wise to use every possible method of transportation you can find. Gliding is probably one of the fastest ways to travel in the multiplayer follow-up to the survival horror walking simulator, so we're here to explain how to use the Hang Glider in Sons of the Forest.

You can find these Hang Gliders in multiple locations, and they form a kind of network. So, you always have an opportunity to go to the closest glider location and use it for travelling.

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How to use the Hang Glider in Sons of the Forest

Using the Hang Glider is not that difficult! All you need to do is to grab it and just go off a cliff. By holding down the jump button, you can activate the glide mode. After that, you will be able to fly to any place, which is quite convenient. At the same time, this transport has some disadvantages you should be aware of before using it.

First of all, the Hang Glider is quite a dangerous vehicle. You can easily fail some manoeuvres, and crash to the ground. Basically, it’s much easier to start gliding than to land the glider. You’ll have to choose a place clear of trees or any obstacles that may get in your way. If you hit a tree while gliding, you will likely fall and die, so be careful!

Finally, it would be wise to remember the place where you left your glider. For example, you can put a GPS tracker near it. Of course, if you accidentally die by falling, then finding your glider once you respawn will be difficult if you don't.

All locations with gliders in Sons of the Forest.
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How to find the Hang Glider in Sons of the Forest

Fortunately, there are multiple gliders that you can find across the map. Above is a picture in which we marked all locations with gliders we know so far.

As you can see, there is an entire network of these gliders, and you can access them from different locations. This information will help you to travel faster and avoid intense encounters with the island's grisly cannibal inhabitants!

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