How to get the Winter Jacket in Sons of the Forest

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The character with a gun is somewhere in the winter forest in Sons of the Forest.
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Feeling the chill out there in the woods? You'll want to know how to get the Winter Jacket in Sons of the Forest to help your expeditions lean less on makeshift campfires. Sons of the Forest is a difficult survival game. Beyond staving off cannibals, mutants, and beasts, you have to take care of the needs of your character as well.

If you want to explore mountain areas then you definitely need to use this suit to protect yourself from the cold. So, we will explain to you where to find such a useful thing. The Winter Jacket plays an important role in managing your expedition efficiently.


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How to get Winter Jacket in Sons of the Forest

The Sons of the Forest Winter Jacket is a modern item made by people of the 21st century, so you won’t be able to craft it with simple materials like you would a rudimentary spear or stick-suspended tent.


Instead, you'll need to search for various abandoned camps and effectively steal one from someone who had the foresight to bring one along before they went missing.

The Winter Jacket location on the map in Sons of the Forest.

There are lots of cool things you can get in such camps, including the Winter Jacket. Up above is the location you need to search for. Just head to the red circle there to find what you're after.

What you'll find there is an abandoned camp. Look around for a tent with a skeleton by it and you should be able to loot the Winter Jacket in the area.


How to equip Winter Jacket in Sons of the Forest

In order to equip the Winter Jacket in Sons of the Forest, you need to open your inventory.

After that, turn your camera right and you should see a section with various clothes. Among them should be the Winter Jacket you just picked up. Right-click the clothing to equip it.

What does the Winter Jacket do in Sons of the Forest?

Exploring cold areas is always a challenging task, but the right equipment can make all the different. Just like in real life, the Sons of the Forest winter jacket will stave off the cold, preventing you from feeling some of the harsher effects of the frigid climes and harsh weather conditions.


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