How to find the flashlight in Sons of the Forest

A screenshot of the flashlight in Sons of the Forest.

A screenshot of the flashlight in Sons of the Forest.

Can't see where you're going? Feel like cranking your screen brightness is cheating? Here's how to find the flashlight in Sons of the Forest. As a survival horror game, Sons of the Forest will often throw you into dark situations. If you're looking to find objects that will help you in-game, you can always count on your trusty flashlight to light the way.

The flashlight used to be a plastic torch in The Forest, however, this was later changed to a tactical flashlight. It lasts for around 10 minutes. Unlike that game's lighter, this flashlight's beam is brighter and only faces the direction of where it's being pointed at.

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How to find a flashlight in Sons of the Forest

In Sons of the Forest, you'll find flashlights to be extremely useful to you. Aside from illuminating your path in the dark, you'll be able to attach them to weapons for better accuracy during nighttime battles.

A screenshot of a found flashlight in Sons of the Forest.
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The flashlight doesn't last long when you use it. You'll need to replace its batteries at some point in the game. This means you need to use it wisely. However, you'll know when your flashlight becomes faulty when you notice it beginning to flicker.

You can find batteries in caves, and right-clicking adds them into your inventory. Plus, you can add an additional flashlight to your arsenal or simply replace it when you find another one.

To look for a flashlight, you must first go the location indicated on the GPS. There will be a purple icon you'll find, which will lead you near the snowy mountain. Once you're at the location indicated by your GPS, follow the path up to the cliff and you'll begin to hear a beeping noise.

A screenshot of a player looking at their GPS in Sons of the Forest
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You'll find a rock with a rope tied to it. Using your axe, you must cut down the rope and then take the path down to follow the beeping noise once again. The GPS will lead you to corpse that was hanging from the rope you just cut. Once you approach the corpse, you can look around the area to find the flashlight since it fell from the corpse when you cut the rope.

A screenshot of a player at a cliff in Sons of the Forest
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The flashlight may be difficult to find on the ground, so try cutting the nearby grass and just keep searching until you spot it. As you find the flashlight, you can see the power level by equipping it, and looking for the bar on the side with green indicating full power, while red showing that it's at low battery.

A screenshot of the flashlight collected in Sons of the Forest
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As this is the easiest flashlight to find, just be patient when searching for it on the ground. Using this method to find a flashlight won't require you to fight enemies, unlike if you plan to find a flashlight in caves.

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