How to make bow and arrows in The Forest and Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest how to make bow and arrows
October 24, 2023: We've updated our guide about making bow and arrows in the Forest and Sons of the Forest.

The Forest is all about survival and to survive you need food. This is where you'll need to hunt. Of course, you can chase after animals and swing at them with your axe but it's not very effective. So, let's make a bow and get to hunting! Keep reading to find out the recipe to create a bow and arrows in The Forest and Sons of the Forest.

While the Sons of the Forest is the sequel, it actually offers different materials to craft a bow and arrows.

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How to make a bow in The Forest

Creating a bow will set you back one Stick, one Cloth, and one Rope. Getting Sticks is easy, you can find some in the group or cut at a bush and they will fall onto the ground.

You can find cloth in the suitcases surrounding the plane crash or in cannibal villages. Rope can be obtained two ways, one of which is to combine 7 Cloth, otherwise, you can find them in cannibal villages.

Combine all of the items in your backpack by right-clicking them. Once you have them all in the middle, right-click the cogwheel and you'll have yourself a bow.

How to make a bow in Sons of the Forest

In Sons of the Forest, the materials needed to create a bow are different from its prequel. You will need 2 sticks, 1 rope, and duct tape. Craft the bow on a crafting mat and select the cog icon. Just click the combine option to finish crafting.

Sticks are easier to find since they will drop by just cutting down trees. Rope and duct tape, on the other hand, will be a bit harder to locate. Your best bet is to check out around your spawn point because there might be some.

Arrow Types in The Forest

There are a few different types of arrows in the game. Each can be created by adding extra items, you can find them below:

  • Bone Arrows
    • Add 5 bones to the recipe
    • Deals 40% more damage
  • Fire Arrows
    • Add 1 Cloth and 1 Booze to the recipe
    • Makes arrows flammable
    • Deals burn damage
  • Poison Arrows
    • Add Twin Berries, Snow Berries, Amanita Mushroom or Jack Mushroom to the recipe
    • Deals poison damage.

How to make bow and arrows in The Forest

Now let's make some arrows to use with our bow. Creating arrows will require 1 Stick and 5 Feathers. You can craft 5 arrows at a time. You can collect sticks as mentioned earlier.

To get feathers you'll need to kill some birds. When you do so, you should see some feathers floating in the air. Otherwise, you can set up a birdhouse. Combine the Stick and Feathers in your backpack by right-clicking them.

Once you have them all in the middle, right-click the cogwheel and you'll have some arrows. You can also create an arrow basket to store any extra you have. This will become vital later in the game.

Arrow Types in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest also has different arrow types. Two arrows can be crafted while one can only be acquired for a limited amount.

  • Stone Arrows
    • Sticks - 2
    • Stones - 4
    • Feathers - 2

Create them at the crafting table. Just combine them to make the stone arrows. One of the easiest ammunition to carry around while exploring.

  • Carbon Fiber Arrows

These arrows cannot be crafted and can only be obtained in an underground dungeon just near the river's western side of the map. Other dungeons have them too, but these are very limited in quantity. It has higher accuracy and range compared to the stone arrows.

  • 3D Printed Arrows
    • Resin - 50 ml per batch
    • 3D Printer

3D printed arrows can be plentiful if you have a lot of resin carrying around. the 3D printer is also hard to discover as it is located inside dungeons. You should create a base nearby the dungeon to easily print the arrows when you need them.

That ends our guide about creating bow and arrows in The Forest and Sons of the Forest. Check out our other guides like how to put hotkeys in weapons in Sons of the Forest and the best mods currently available.

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