How to unlock Mad Chainsaw Mode in the Resident Evil 4 demo

Here's how to unlock Mad Chainsaw Mode in the Resident Evil 4 demo. Think the chainsaw man isn't menacing enough already? Have no problem parrying pitchforks and roundhouse-kicking the villages in that final showdown? Here's a challenge for you.

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How to unlock Mad Chainsaw Mode in the Resident Evil 4 demo

You won't find the Mad Chainsaw Mode as a difficulty toggle in the Resident Evil 4 demo. You can't just go looking for it. It doesn't automatically unlock if you complete the demo for the first time, either, so don't boot it back up now and expect to see it.

Instead, it's a completely random unlock that only applies to your next playthrough. If you complete the demo or get a game over with Mad Chainsaw mode enabled, you'll lose access to it again until the next time you're lucky enough to unlock it.

Right now, it's not clear if you only have a chance of unlocking the mode after a successful clear or if you might see it after getting a game over and quitting out - but the former makes more sense.

What does Mad Chainsaw Mode do in Resident Evil 4?

Mad Chainsaw Mode does what you'd expect it to do - turn the difficulty of the demo up to 11. More enemies, less ammo, more damage, and more resilient pitchfork-tossing villages.

If you thought the showdown in the village wasn't tricky enough already, you'll want to keep playing until you get the Mad Chainsaw Mode unlock.

How to unlock Mad Chainsaw Mode in the full Resident Evil 4 remake

According to the in-game notice, you won't be able to unlock Mad Chainsaw Mode in Resident Evil 4 Remake. It's exclusive to the demo.

There's every chance it's just a cool name for what will just be a 'Hard' or 'Expert' mode in the finished product, but it's still suggested that Mad Chainsaw Mode as a name won't exist in the retail game that ships in March.

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