The Quarry: How To Change Outfits

The Quarry how to change outfits

The Quarry is Supermassive Games' latest and with it comes brutal decisions and a likeable cast of characters. If you're looking into how to change outfits in The Quarry, this is everything you need to know about how to do so.

Unfortunately, the option to do so isn't live just yet but we do have a release date and know what we are likely to see when it does. Based around a campy '80s horror aesthetic, you can expect similarly themed visuals for all the characters.

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How To Change Outfits in The Quarry

While it is on the way, unfortunately, you cannot use your character outfits just yet. You can get them as part of the deluxe edition but the ability to implement them in-game isn't active yet. They are currently planned to be operational on July 8. This is the perfect time for a second playthrough of the game.

With your purchase of the deluxe edition of the game, you get access to the game itself, as well as a couple of character packs, instant access to death rewind, gorefest movie mode, and the horror history visual filter pack.

The two visual options change the look of the game and the amount of blood you will see. Instant access to death rewind means you can take back some of your worst decisions as you make them. This usually gets unlocked after your first playthrough.

Here are all the outfits you will get as part of your pack:

  • Laura (‘80s Throwback)
  • Max (‘80s Throwback)
  • Abigail (‘80s Throwback)
  • Emma (‘80s Throwback)
  • Jacob (‘80s Throwback)
  • Kaitlyn (‘80s Throwback)
  • Nick (‘80s Throwback)
  • Ryan (‘80s Throwback)
  • Dylan (‘80s Throwback)

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