Is Minecraft Legends open world? - Map size and POIs

Given Minecraft hit machines many moons ago with a practically endless open world, it makes sense that we'd expect the same from any game sharing its name. But with Minecraft Dungeons and Minecraft Story Mode condensing things for the good of their game design, the question remains: Is Minecraft Legends open-world or not?

The initial few trailers released for Minecraft Legends struggled to convey the type of game it is, making it question of its map size difficult to predict early on. But with a release now on the cards, we finally have an answer to one of the most important questions of the lot.

Is Minecraft Legends open world?

Yes, Minecraft Legends features an open-world design. It's not a near-endless landscape like regular Minecraft, but the explorable island you find yourself on can be freely traversed and conquered in any order you like.

Once you hit up the first few objectives as part of the game's lengthy tutorial sequence, you'll notice new villages and strongholds cover most of the map screen.

From that point on, you're free to tackle them in any way you like. You can sprint over to the Tundra, meet the Skeletons, befriend the Zombies, or just roam around the landscape looking for new treasures. It's up to you.

How big is the map in Minecraft Legends?

It's difficult to convey just how big the Minecraft Legends map is. It's small enough to travel along comfortably on your mount, but big enough to feel like unlocking and crafting fast-travel points is worth your while. And that's on the Fabled difficulty setting.

You won't want to travel to one side, die, and respawn at the other, that's for sure. The walk back to the stronghold that bested you wouldn't feel great. But it's not so big that you'll feel lost, confused, or overwhelmed, either.

Does the Minecraft Legends map get bigger?

Depending on the difficulty setting you choose, yes. Because you're meant to travel around the place defeating Piglin camps, a higher difficulty setting means a bigger map is created to facilitate more enemy camps, villages for them to take over, and to elongate the time it may take to reach a village that's under siege.

Choose a lower difficulty if you want a smaller map to explore, or a higher one if you want a tougher challenge.

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