How to switch teams in Minecraft Legends

Characters in Minecraft Legends.

Characters in Minecraft Legends.

Outside of the main storyline, Minecraft Legends is a multiplayer strategy game. That means teams, and where there are teams, there are team-ups. Though you'll sometimes want to get competitive with your friends, you'll want to know how to switch teams in Minecraft Legends to pair up and fight co-operatively from time to time. Here's what to do.

Before we get started, it's worth noting that you'll likely struggle to find a way to do this in a public game. Likely to avoid unfair matchups, it's easier to switch teams in sandbox-style matches than in a proper competitive playing field. Though there is a way.

How to switch teams in Minecraft Legends


Right now, there's no way to switch teams in a public Minecraft Legends match whether you're the host or a guest. As the game automatically puts anyone who joins onto the team with the fewer number of players, however, it's possible to coordinate with your friends to have them join when your team has fewer members.

Switching teams in Minecraft Legends.
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Switching teams in Minecraft Legends can be done at the push of a button. But only in some scenarios. From the Versus menu, hosting either a Private or Training will allow anyone who joins to switch teams using the following buttons:

  • Mouse/keyboard = Y
  • Xbox = Y
  • Playstation = Triangle
  • Nintendo Switch = X

Doing so from the aforementioned menus will bring up a prompt asking if you're sure you want to change teams. Just hit confirm to follow through.

It's suspected that Mojang will add the feature in time, as it appears to simply be an oversight rather than a way to avoid any unfair advantages. After all, if you joined a random game but don't know the whole other team are on comms while you bumble around with random players, you're obviously going to be at a disadvantage without even knowing.

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