Holo Office - How to unlock the Holocure office map

The Holo Office map in Holocure.

The Holo Office map in Holocure.
March 14, 2023: If you're looking to access the HoloCure Holo Office, this is what we know

If you're playing the game and looking up how to unlock the HoloCure Holo Office, here's everything we know. Alongside new characters, bug fixes and weapons, a new map has been added to HoloCure. As well as providing a change of scenery, it has a few extra bonuses.

Here's what we know about the new map, how to unlock it and what to do once you have it unlocked. It may be a little difficult for some so we have also gone over some general tips to help you out. You may need to work for it.

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How to unlock the new Holocure office map

To unlock the new HoloCure map, you simply have to beat the standard run once with any character. Unfortunately, it does not count the times you beat it before this update and, as it has gotten harder since then as well, you'll need to try extra hard to unlock it.

Existing players probably won't have too much of an issue with their usual loadouts, but expect to put some work into it if you're new and without any of the usual upgrades veterans bring into their runs.

The final boss has more health and, if you don't beat her quick enough, boss enemies will start to drop, making things even harder. This does make levelling up near the end much easier but killing her can be harder.

Previously, you could essentially wait her out by running away and sending little bits of damage her way. You can't do this anymore.

HoloCure Holo Office
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Some tips for unlocking Holo Office

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As you need to change tactics, you should change the way you go about creating your run.

Pump lots of points into attacks and make sure to get a couple of collabs unlocked. Luckily, you can have multiple collabs at one time so plan out what you want and commit to it. As well as this, dump some points into speed and health recovery. If you get hit, you want to make sure you can get out alive.

After this, learn how the boss functions. They jump up high and come crashing down.

Luckily, this is choreographed with a shadow, showing where they will land. Get far enough away and hit her for tonnes of damage as she arrives. If you plan it out, you can do tonnes of damage, run away, and keep hitting again. If you plan out your run, this shouldn't pose a huge problem.

What is Holo office?

Holo Office is the latest map to hit HoloCure. As well as coming with a new look and a new song to listen to, it gives players a 1.2x buff to coins picked up. This means if you want to unlock all the characters, this is where you want to go.

It is unsure if another map is planned for the future but it seems likely to happen if this map becomes popular.

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