HoloCure cheat engine explained - how to kill Ina

HoloCure cheat engine explained - how to kill Ina

HoloCure cheat engine explained - how to kill Ina
April 20, 2023: Here's what we know about the HoloCure cheat engine.

If you're looking to figure out how the HoloCure cheat engine works, it's likely because you've picked Ina, or you just want to have some sandbox fun instead. In a very funny (and presumably unintended) consequence, it's surprisingly easy to make Ina entirely unkillable.

Simply put, the Vtuber manages to do too much damage with too much total health to get killed, either killing anything that approaches with automatic area attacks or simply sapping too much health from her enemies to be taken down. Luckily, you can always cheat to kill her without turning the game off, getting back to the menu to claim your well-earned rewards.

If you're looking for more information on the game, here's how to use special in HoloCure, what we know about HoloCure mobile and, most importantly, our HoloCure Ina build guide.

What is HoloCure Cheat Engine?

Cheat Engine is a free software that can be used in tandem with your games to manipulate them. When playing offline games, especially downloaded ones not attached to a store like HoloCure, there are no ethical problems using it.

You can get it from the link here. It's not specifically affiliated with HoloCure, but it works just fine for this questionable purpose.

How to kill Ina in HoloCure

As explained in this Reddit thread, this is a problem many HoloCure players are having. To start, install and boot up Cheat Engine. You may have to allow it in your computer files if Windows Defender doesn't like it. In order to kill Ina, get into whatever mode you want to kill her in, set up the InaLock build, and wait until you just can't end her.

HoloCure cheat engine explained - how to kill Ina
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Go onto the file tab on Cheat Engine, click 'open process' and find HoloCure. Once this is all done, check what your current health is and take note of it. In the "Value" section, put in your current health. From here, change "Value Type" to "Double".

Click the "First Scan" button. Memory addresses will then pop up on screen. Unpause the game and pause it again when your health changes. Now, enter the new health in value and click "Next Scan".

Do this over and over again until only two memory addresses remain. Change the value of both of these to the same huge negative value (like -999999). Now that this is done, this value will be your current health. The next time you get hit, Ina will die. Just unpause your game and play as normal.

As you might expect, you can set these values really high if you want to live forever. Though with Ina's power, there's no need to cheat to do it.

If you're looking for even more information on the game, here's what we know about HoloCure on Steam, how to get the idol song and how to get HoloCure controller support. Finally, here's how to aim in HoloCure, as well as our HoloCure tier list.

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