How to keep two enemies airborne at the same time in Hogwarts Legacy

Two characters are fighting using spells in Hogwarts Legacy.

Two characters are fighting using spells in Hogwarts Legacy.
April 6, 2023: Read on to know how to keep multiple enemies airborne in Hogwarts Legacy.

Sometimes, keeping your enemies airborne is a good way to control them, and in Hogwarts Legacy, you can perform such a trick to the point of clearing a difficult challenge. But if you're struggling to make it happen, read on: we'll show you how to keep two enemies airborne at the same time in Hogwarts Legacy.

Fights in this game can be tough, and you need to use your magic spells like they're a dance to beat a small army of enemies at once. Between blasting them with fire balls and bouncing them off the floor, one of the coolest tricks you can pull off in Hogwarts Legacy is an endless levitation combo. Here's how to do it twice.

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How to keep two enemies airborne in Hogwarts Legacy

Two characters are about to fight in Hogwarts Legacy.
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There are two spells that allow you to do it. They are called Accio and Levioso. If you use both of them at the same time you will perform a cool effect.

Basically, these two magic spells allow you to levitate two of your enemies if you cast them at the same time. Of course, these foes won’t be able to move, so this combination works great.

You'll learn early on that alternating between the two will give you enough time to refresh their effects before they wear off. If you space each one apart with a few basic wand attacks, you'll be able to cast them again before your target falls.

But that's only good for a single target. For an easy way to juggle two at the same time, you'll need to look into your Hogwarts Legacy talents. Plenty of them improve your spells to the point where they'll affect enemies close to your target. And once you have a bunch up in the air, they'll always be close enough to hit again.

Learning how to lock on will make things much easier, too. By locking onto one target and tabbing between nearby ones, you'll be able to get the hits into each to keep them afloat.

What is Accio in Hogwarts Legacy?

Accio in Hogwarts Legacy is a magic spell that allows you to pull any object closer to you. If you cast it on your opponent then you will lift it up in the air. So, the spell can be used as some kind of crowd control ability.

What is Levioso in Hogwarts Legacy?

Levioso is a more popular spell and it is known to anyone who watched the first Harry Potter movie. Basically, this is just a levitation spell that allows you to lift up various objects. Of course, your enemies can be lifted that way.

The combination of Levioso and Accio works great and we highly recommend you try it. However, it takes two of your spell slots and this makes this combo a little bit less cool.

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