Hogwarts Legacy large potting table - How to get large pot and grow Fluxweed

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a large potting table in Hogwarts Legacy
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March 16, 2023: Read on to know how to get a large pot in Hogwarts Legacy.

Plants are a vital resource in Hogwarts Legacy as they let you craft potions to help in combat. However, growing some of them isn't as simple as just heading to the Herbology class and sticking them in a pot. You need the correct size of pot. For the likes of Fluxweed, you need to get a large potting table in Hogwarts Legacy to get a large pot. So you're not running around aimlessly, we've got the details on what you need to do.


There's even an assignment you're given by one of Hogwarts' professors, asking you to grow and harvest a Fluxweed plant, so you'll need to get a large potting table to progress.

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How to get large potting table in Hogwarts Legacy

There is no point heading to the Herbology classroom at Hogwarts because you'll only find a small potting table there.


The first thing you need to head to the Tomes and Scrolls shop in Hogsmeade, which is where you can buy spellcrafts.

There, you'll find a couple of options for a large potting table, with the best one to buy costing 1000 gold.

You can pick another if you'd like something more advanced, but if you're only getting a large potting table to complete an assignment objective, you can just buy the most basic one.


Growing Fluxweed in a large pot

Once you've bought it, head back to the Room of Requirement to start the process of growing the plants you need.

If you use the Conjuring Spell in the room, you can conjure the large potting table you just purchased, allowing you to start growing what you're after. Place it somewhere convenient in the room and get started.


Once you've placed it somewhere, you can choose the plant you want to grow. Once it's planted, you'll have to wait for it to grow.

For a Fluxweed plant in a large potting table, you'll need to wait 15 minutes. So just plant it, head off to do another quest in the meantime, and head back to the Room of Requirement later on to harvest it.

You don't need to conjure a new potting table for each plant too. Once you've harvested something, you're free to use the pot again for another of the same plant, or something else entirely. Just make sure you need a large pot for the plant in question.

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