Hogwarts Legacy High Keep quest walkthrough - How to climb the battlements

part of the high keep quest in hogwarts legacy

part of the high keep quest in hogwarts legacy
February 22, 2023: Easily complete the High Keep quest in Hogwarts Legacy with this strategy!

Hogwarts Legacy is full of quests that aren't as simple as they might initially seem. One you'll encounter about half way through the game is the Hogwarts Legacy High Keep quest, in which you'll be asked to climb the battlements, open the gate, and reach the roof. Along the way, you'll need to use your arsenal of spells to solve some puzzles. We'll run you through the quest and exactly what you need to do.

Right from the moment you reach the battlements and you're told to climb them, it's not initially obvious what you need to do. You'll need to use all of the quests you've most recently learned.

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Hogwarts Legacy High Keep quest walkthrough

Once you climb up to the first level of the settlement, you'll encounter the first tricky section of this quest.

You'll spot a wooden crate in the room off to the side of where you clearly need to jump up. Use Wingardium Leviosa to drag the crate over to the wall you want to climb up and place it there.

wooden crate in Hogwarts legacy
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Then, cast Levioso on the box to see it float in the air, then quickly jump on it to reach the ledge you're trying to climb up. It's too high up to just jump up to.

Once you're up to that level, head around the building and look through a window to use Wingardium Leviosa on another crate that blocking the way to crawl into the room where the gate mechanism is.

Once you've crawled through and are in the gatehouse, cast Depulso on the gear part of the mechanism to open the gate, then Glacio to freeze it in place.

Then, quickly use Accio on the handle that's revealed on the wall when the gate goes up. Pull that towards you and a barrier will come down so that when the mechanism thaws in a couple of seconds, the gate cannot go all the way back down.

wooden gate with a handle in hogwarts legacy
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Now, head down the ladder behind you can let Natty through the gate, which should now be open enough for her to walk under.

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Once you're out and trying to get to the roof, you'll spot another crate you can interact with. Use Depulso to push it off the ledge it's on and take the stairs down to the right, which you'll spot the crate on the left.

looking at a crate through a window in Hogwarts Legacy
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Now, use Wingardium Leviosa to place the crate at the bottom of the broken staircase and use Levioso to lift it up again, just as you did at the beginning of this quest. You can then use what's left of the stairs to jump up to the ledge and keep heading up.

Do some fighting and keep heading up, unlocking a door near the top. The rest of the quest is nice and easy, just keep following the path and taking out the bad guys in your way.

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